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Acne Products

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Acne suffering teenagers are a common sight everywhere. Sometimes, dermatologists will suggest different acne products for those who are suffering form pimples and zits. Why do they follow this change? Some people wonder at this difference of the medicines for the same problem. For a proper understanding of this change in treatments, it is vital to know the causes of the acne.

Acne, scientifically known as Acne Vulgaris, is a skin related problem that causes the skin to break out in pimples, blemishes and zits. Acne can be both inflammatory and non inflammatory, often manifested on the face, neck, back and chest. These areas are most prone to acne because they contain the largest amount of sebaceous follicles. Sometimes acne appears on the shoulders and upper arms as well causing discomfort and irritation.

The most usual victims of acne are teenagers and an overwhelming 95 percent of them suffer form this problem. During the start of puberty, the body begins to produce many hormones. Both male and female teenagers are loaded with the male sex hormones called androgens. The increase in these causes the glands carrying follicles to become larger and infected thus resulting in acne. This condition should ideally disappear by the late teems or early twenties. However, for many people especially women, the acne persists well into their thirties. This is usually caused by underlying diseases or illnesses like menstrual problems, cysts in the ovaries or hormonal imbalance.

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Another reason for acne is blockage in the follicular openings. The human body produces oil, scientifically called sebum, and this oil combined with dead skin cells can block the pores of the skin. At first, this may appear as small blackheads on the skin, later they are infected by the naturally occurring bacteria in the skin and become inflamed. Finally, these may develop into scars or inflamed pimples and zits.

Scientific tests have shown that acne is also closely related to tension. People undergoing periods of increased stress will also begin to develop acne. Similarly, those who have the condition will experience an increase in the acne when under stress. Additionally, the acne can also be transferred through the genes from one person to another in a family.

P. Acnes, a naturally occurring bacterium, is the one behind the infection causing acne. These bacteria combine with the dirt, dead skin and other elements to cause blockage in the pores and then infect them. The diet of many people who do not eat healthy is also responsible for the acne on our bodies. Modern diet has a high glycemic content and this causes oil production to increase and thus causes acne. Cow’s milk is another food that can lead to skin issues.

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It can safely be concluded that every cause of acne will need a different treatment. Acne products will treat the cause of the acne and therefore, need to be suitably prescribed. Hormonal imbalances will require treatment of these hormone problems first; however, the unclean pores will need a simple cleansing.

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