Acne Questions

Acne Questions

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If you haven’t ever had acne, you must have come across a few folks who really suffer from acne. I don’t mean the regular blackhead, or small freckles scattered all over their features; no, I speak of folks who really suffer from it, with acne on their backs, necks, shoulders and even chest. I don’t know how they live with it, but I doubt that I could. All I can say to them is, ‘keep up the good fight.’ It’s possible to deal with acne, if you have access to the right information.

There are myriads of acne creams and lotions used by various people to attempt to cure acne, with various levels of success. Some are dependent on the reaction of the patient to the medication or process, while others are simply dependent on the actual effectiveness of the acne cream or lotion. You may not just use any that you wish to, only that which will not react adversely to your system.

Some people who suffer acne dislike the condition so much that it begins to affect them psychologically. Some of them actually get the ‘ugly duckling’ feeling and mentality from the time that they were young, and they never quite outgrew it. You might think it’s silly, but it is true, which is why you should never make a jest of people who already suffer from the disease.

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In certain instances, an arbitrary doctor might suggest that if you watched what you ate and drank you might be able to control the rate or extent to which you suffered from acne. Whereas that is true, it is not always so. In the case of an outbreak of the condition all over your face, neck and arms, it cannot be prevented by a controlled diet. As a matter of fact, the best thing you can do for yourself at this time would be to see a genuine professional.

In truth, primarily from hormonal changes might be the primary cause for acne. As a matter of fact, it is the reason why a lot of adolescents suffer from the condition. However, there are things you can do to keep it at bay. Learn about them, and do.

There are certain hormonal imbalances in your body that tend to precipitate acne. You might want to ask your doctor what you can do about them. That way, when treatments sometimes fail, you’ll learn to anticipate them.

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Sulfur has been known to work for acne for ages. Back in ancient Egypt, it was the way the sons of the pharaohs were treated for the disease – by bathing them in sulfur laced hot water. Sincerely, sulfur is your simplest measure for treating the disease. At least start with sulfur, then you can graduate to other medications.

When you have acnes, wash your face well all the time. It does not harm either, if you do it with lime or some kind of fruit containing the potent citrus acid. It is not an actual medication for the condition, but it is a good treatment that you will do well to remember. It leaves the bacteria nowhere to hide.

You should know, some sun exposure tends to help with treating acne. Perhaps you should try tanning or sunbathing from time to time. Just try not to expose yourself to too much of the sun to avoid sunburn in the bid to prevent or treat acnes. Besides the sunburn, it could cause you to secrete more oils from your skin to worsen your acne.

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