Natural And Inexpensive Ways Of Getting Rid Of Acne

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When you drop by pharmacies or online sellers carrying skin care products, there are so many acne remedies to choose from. However, many of them use harsh chemicals which can aggravate your problem. They also often come with steep price tags. Getting rid of acne can be done even without spending or putting your skin at certain risks.

There’s no need to get out of the house just to get the things that you will need. It’s not unlikely that you already got it in your home – in the kitchen, bathroom or garden. It’s up to you to find which remedy below is the most convenient for you to prepare and provides the best results.

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Dead skin cells can clog up your pores, trap sebum or oil and cause more breakouts after some time. That is why you need to exfoliate 2-3 times weekly. It also helps encourage cell renewal. A natural facial scrub may be made by adding 1/4 cup of vegetable oil (olive oil, palm oil, etc.) and 1 cup brown sugar. Using circular motions, gently apply on your face with your fingertips. Rinse with water afterwards.

Getting rid of excess oils is important too. Such can be done with the application of facial mask. Create your own by cooking a cup of oatmeal according to the directions on the package. Allow it to cool down to room temperature before applying all over your face. Wash off with water after 10 to 15 minutes. Place the remainder in the ref and use some other time.

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Another kind of facial mask may be done by using egg. Crack open one and place the white part in a bowl. Using a fork or whisk, beat the egg white until it’s frothy. Apply on your face using your fingers, and leave it to dry for a few minutes or until your face feels taut. Rinse well with water afterwards. Egg white is rich in protein so it helps heal the skin. It also effectively relieves redness and irritation.

You may also get rid of redness with the use of eye drops. Take it out of your medicine cabinet and apply directly on red trouble spots, using about 2 to 3 drops. It may be re-applied whenever you need an instant fix. It’s also possible to achieve the same effect using ice cubes. By placing one over the breakout, the redness and inflammation may be reduced.

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Drying up of breakouts may be hastened without the use of harsh chemicals. Before bedtime, you may apply apple cider vinegar on them. If not available, you may use lemon or lime juice instead. Mix 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and a few drops of water. The paste is then applied onto trouble areas. The same drying paste may be made by combining grated orange rind and water to come up with a paste.

Getting rid of acne may mean using something which may be found in your backyard: aloe vera. Simply break off a leaf and the gel inside it must be directly applied on the breakouts. Antioxidants in it help promote skin healing and even minimize scars. The plant is also widely known to be beneficial for insect bites, skin dryness and itchiness, burns, and minor wounds.

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