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Affiliate Marketing

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This is an article for people making money on the internet, who look to make money on the internet or wants to leverage the capabilities of the world wide web to finally leave their day occupation. If you can send en e-mail, sign-up for websites and know how to copy and paste, there is no cause why you are not able to earn money on the the web. There are a wide array of ways to do it for completely free!

Here are a few “musts” that should be on your “to-do” list:

1-) Article Marketing: This is an art in itself, yet it is so uncomplicated. Find something you can write about for days on end and write about it! Tell people about what you know and hopefully answer some questions they might have. I wouldn’t see article marketing without a website, which means more time and more money. Popular directories like Go Articles are congregated by hundreds of thousands of publishers, searching for related cognitive content for their sebpages. You are in general allowed 2-3 links within each submitted article and there is no limits to how many articles you can send.

2-)Press Releases: This is like a short article that is like a regular article but has a lot more emphasis. A press release is like, a breaking new item in engineering science. Those get indexed exceedingly rapidly. There’s quite a few services that will do it for free. There are also paid version like PRweb but it comes with a exhorbitant price. Either way, the chances of your press release getting picked up by mainstream media is slim to none, but PRweb makes it at least slim, but it is the best graded directory for press releases on the internet.

3-)Social Bookmarking: Sites like digg and delicious are social bookmarks. This is like the bookmarks you save in your web browser, but this way everyone can look at the sites you look at and yes, the search engines do look at those bookmarks. Perhaps, not all will be given a value by Google’s crawlers but sure is a good place to get free backlinks.

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4-)SEO/SEM: Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing. Google controls 60% of the total planetary onlinetraffic, therefore, it is the search engine that is most widely used by affiliates. SEO is about getting a high ranking in search engines’ first page, by nature. Top three in organic searches are the most clicked. People have grown an immunity against sponsored ads, however, people still click more on the sponsored ads than they do on “organic results”. Organic means that the are the top search results, that are not paid advertisements. It’s free buying fraffic! Getting ranked above the fold on Google and other search engines riquires a serious dose of quality backlinking and keyword choice but also has its serious dose of rewards.

5-)Directory Listing: There are tons online directories. Not all will accept you, even if you submit it all by hand. The most looked at directory is DMOZ, but hard luck getting into that one if you only have a 1 page website with 500 words of content. There’s some good tools to get your site across. This is something that software packages will do a whole lot better than a single person would.

6-)Auto Responders: This is famously spread all over, got the list, got the cash. Auto responders will easily help you build a list of targeted buyers that you can send information with your afiliate product, in hopes of getting a commission on sales. There are many tactics used to build a list. Some are free, some are paid. Most serious affiliates will use because of its splendid repuation. You could use a regular hotmail account, but that doesn’t look too expert and you will need to heavy duty programming to automate the process.

7-)PPC: Pay Per Click, is a form of paid advertising. The way it works online is sponsors pay a site like Google for them to exhibit their advertisements in search results. When an individual clicks on an advertisement, the one paying for that ad to be there, gets billed for that click by Google! If the ad is clicked while a surfer is on a website, the one paying for advertisement spots pays Google for that visitor and the site creator who displayed the advertisement get cash for his publicity! PPC advertising is big line, if displaying Google ads on your website with high traffic, you can easily earn a decent living if you are in a niche where advertisers pay $5 per click. Or if you learn how to do it properly, you could be the one advertising per click and lets be frank here, you don’t need to pay lots of money per visitor.

8-)Website creation: If you want to earn a living online, you better learn to make a website or you probably won’t go far. A blogger blog isn’t too professional, but getting its own domain name is a good start and is cheap; a domain costs $10 for one year. Also, a blog won’t cost you any monthly fees for hosting and since it is owned by Google,you are alreay ahead of the game. Then there is WordPress. It is versatile, easy to use and doesn’t cost anything, anyoneeveryone can do something nice with WordPress but it will cost you around $5-$10 per month for a hosting account and you will need to learn some easy technical things, so we suggest getting a free ebook on getting set up with WordPress. No sense paying for it because you can find it for free.

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9-)Domain Names: A must have for all affiliates. Your domain SHOULD end with .com and have your keywords in it; as a genral rule of thumb; .org, .net, .info, .biz, us are also good choices but .com should be precedence and many will tell you, “no matter how bad it looks”. Fact is, if someone just hears a name like Sunlight Laundry detergents, they will type in “” into their web browser.

10-)Product to Sell: There’s a lot of merchandise an afiliate can promote for a share of the profits. Clickbank is a great place especially if you sell virtual products like e-books; things that can just be easily downloaded without having to wait for delivery. Another good place is AssociatePrograms where there is a huge selction of any kinds of products, both physical and virtual. Ever wants to make a travel related website? Perhaps exotic cars? Anything you wish to sell, you are likely to find it there.

Ok, now this all looks simple but if you want to make money from home, you will need to speed up the process and the best way to do it is buying automation or sevices to help you out a great deal in getting ranked quicker and effectively. An online business remains a business. You can make money filling out paid surveys but that’s not where THE money is. The amount of time you fall waiting on new surveys, you could easily spend time building a profitable campaign with online affiliate marketing. Many online marketing Gurus will NOT tell you the tools they use to earn them so much money, or will only suggest tools from their JV partners.

Software is to affiliate as what an impact gun is to an auto-mechanic. An online marketer needs a tool box to be successful; that’s because your competitors has all the services that put you back so far behind. In 2010, we are at the cutting edge of affiliate marketing services. They are now a fraction of what they were a few years ago and the gurus are practically giving their new cuting edge softwares they use to make them filthy rich!

For the one stop shop for affiliate marketing tools, the tools box your competition has, visit:

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