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The social network marketing phenomenon seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. It is embraced by Internet Marketers, Network Marketers, other business people, politicians, activists and just plain folk. This is a great convergence from all walks of life on one virtual platform.

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Internet marketing forums are more like ‘peer networks’ where people share their knowledge and build alliances. Out of this mix, most business that is transacted as a result would be considered ‘B2B’ (business to business). Many relationships are developed and cultivated in this medium and the good ones really are thriving virtual communities.

Few people who would be prospective customers would participate in a business forum or would be privy to any advertisements from the membership in this more or less closed environment. Forums are public, however unless there is some interest, in general people would not be drawn to it.

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Conversely someone might be drawn to a social network marketing site simply when invited to view some family photos. As they look around they would be exposed to various conversations and advertisements. The way that everyone is linked by adding ‘friends’, and this includes total strangers, it is the perfect environment for building business relationships as well as friendships.

Blogging also has a great deal of value for social network marketing; however the blogger environment, although interactive through commenting, subscribing, and etc., just does not seem to be in live time as are forums and social networking sites. However, blogging is still one of the best ways to publish valuable information to brand oneself or one’s business and is a powerful medium to advertise for free online.

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One really undervalued medium that has long been a perfect social network marketing environment is web conferencing. It is even more in live time – up to the second, and very conducive not only to marketing but to training and audio visual presentation. It is a wonder that it has not had the same impact as social networks.

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