Marketing Successfully On The Internet

Marketing Successfully On The Internet

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The constantly changing nature of the net means that marketing has to take a multi-pronged approach to have any effectiveness online. You have to use methods of marketing that have been shown to work, and you have to spread your eggs out among many baskets so that when one thing crashes down you’re still ahead of the game. Here are three of the most commonly used and effective methods for marketing online.

SEO Optimization Let us look at the Search Engine optimization, wherein the first page optimization has a strong usage with higher percentage of clicks. I t has become highly competitive to have the first page. Determining key words have become scarce as they were all almost exhaustive.

If you expect your Web page to be competitive, you must design it using a keyword or preferable, a key phrase. This key word or phrase must be included in the page title, in its META tag, in any descriptions of the page, in the first heading using H1 HTML language, everywhere possible within the body of the page and somewhere in the last 25 words on the page. While following these guidelines won?t guarantee your webpage is listed first, these basic SEO on-page options are a must as a beginning point for a successful Internet advertising strategy.

Most of the key words were already taken over by the early birds and the late comers can go for specific key words using free tools that are available in market. These tools guide you for proper usage and provide you with periodical statistics. Also they enable you to customize your web page based on the available statistics.

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Link Exchanges You have done the page optimization with some effort . Now it is your next job to provide with number of links, which enables Google to put you in preferential order based on more number of linkages. Sites graded by Google as PR7 and above provide extended hooks for these sites.

There are many ways back links can be linked to your website. One way is to send a request to the Webmaster of that site and ask for a link exchange. If they put your link on their site, it is a nice to do the same for them in return. Another way is to buy the link from the other site. Some of them even offer this for a monthly fee. Paying for a link may even be well worth the price because it can get you instant access to a PR8 back link for a couple months. This is important because Google puts new sites into a ?sand box? for the first few months until they demonstrate their durability.

A single PR8 back link is worth more than a hundred back links from a lower ranked site. To be blunt, having too many back links from low rated sites can even be damaging to your site. Why? This is true because a back link counts just like a vote for your site. Google isn?t likely to reward a site with a high PR if they are associated with too many lower ranked sites. Another thing to be careful of is accidentally back linking your site to one that has been blacklisted by Google. If you do this, your site is also likely to be blacklisted and may never recuperate from this.

Page Rank in the vicinity of 5 and above yield good results. PR of the backlink is also a required qualification. Beware of spam links and better to rely on major link providers such as Yahoo or DMOZ which are worth its value.

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Blogs, As mentioned earlier, consumer created media is a key factor in the development of the Internet. This fact can be shown by taking a look at the mammoth effect blogs had during the last Presidential campaign. A majority of most online searches include blogs on the first page of their listing. Blogs are important for many reasons. One is because they usually contain information people want. For example, more than 50 percent of the purchases customers make on the Internet were preceded by a search for additional information. In many cases, the information they needed was available on a blog. Plus, blogs give them the chance to read someone else?s opinion on something and people are usually extremely interested in comparing opinions on the items they are interested in.

Blogs need to be updated periodically, as the updation alone plays the major role in getting prime slot in a search result. Bloggers submit articles to Blog . Hubs make money by their updation and the blogger gets a back link.

Since blogs form a complex spider’s web of links and social networking, getting on a blog is an easy way to spread your name around rapidly. The traffic you can get from landing on just one good blog is enormous.

In Summary, Though there are other marketing tools , as a fisrt step, it is better to go for Search Engine Optimization

Choose the option of going for back link directories followed by visiting hubs for blogs .People are more interested in opinions rather than sales advertisement which are available in plenty with blogs. Get those customers into your fold and retain them for ever.

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Justin Harrison is an internationally recognised Internet Marketing Consultant and entrepreneur who has built up multiple 7 figure online business and consults to some of leading online brands including Amazon, BBC, AIG and many others.

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