Big Discounts on Auto Insurance Cost Every Driver Should Know

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Lowering auto insurance cost is the desire of every driver. Apart from having an impeccable driving record, which is the number one factor for controlling auto insurance cost, here are some other things you can do to save on auto insurance.

1. The most obvious thing is to shop around. Every auto insurance company says that its rate is lower than the competition. Contact an adept insurance agent that acts like a one-shop-stop to many other insurance companies. Let him give you a quote from Allstate, Geico, Progressive, Nationwide, Statefarm and others. If you can not get in touch with such an agent, then use services like which gives you quotes from a number of auto insurance companies.

In addition, visit to search for the insurers ratings to get a gauge of their financial viability. A strong rating will indicate how well it treats its client. Also, ask for the opinion of friends and family about their auto insurance experiences. Do they heap accolades on their insurer or do they regard their insurer with abhorrence. Another great source of reliable information is

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2. Insurance companies calculates the insurance cost of every vehicle based on certain variables such as value of the vehicle, cost of replacement parts, type of vehicle, likelihood of theft, model and so on. Therefore, before you purchase a car compare insurance costs. There are insurance companies that offer savings if anti-theft mechanism are added to the car. Ask your insurance agent or visit for more information .

3. Check your FICO score. A good credit history can result in lower insurance cost. Many insurance companies are using credit history as a factor in determining insurance cost. Lower credit score indicates that the insured is more of a risk, and therefore, more susceptible to accidents.

4. Reduce or drop collision and comprehensive coverage on older cars. If the car is very old only do liability insurance. Why have full collision coverage on a car that cost $2000. Check the NADA guides, Edmound, or Kelly Blue Book for information about the worth of used cars.

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5. Agglomerate your insurance policies. Buy your life insurance, homeowners insurance and auto insurance from the same insurance company. There are big discounts for having all your policies with one company.

6. Ask your insurance agent to sell you an insurance policy with a high deductible. High deductible auto insurance cost less, but in the event of an accident you will have to pay the amount of the deductible to cover the damages before the insurance company will fork in any coverage. In fact, a 20 percent increase in deductible could mean a 10 to 30 percent decrease in insurance cost.

7. Ask your agent for available discounts for low mileage. The more you drive the more likely you may have an accident. The less you drive the lower the risk. Tell your agent how much miles you indent to drive to calculated your discount.

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8. Drivers with group plan insurance are eligible for discount from most auto insurance companies. Ask your group head to inquirer about possible discounts.

9. Most auto insurers give discount for good driving behavior. Drivers who have not had an accidents within a specific period of time, say, 5 years, will get a discount from insurers

Buying a car does not only entail the car loan but also how to get Auto Insurance Discounts and how to prevent hidden fees

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