VW and Hyundai Accelerate to Safety

VW and Hyundai Accelerate to Safety

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Latest figures released by an American Insurance Organisation show when it comes to buying a vehicle that is safe, you need look no further than Hyundai, Kia or VW.

Korean newcomers Hyundai (affiliated with Kia) and VW have picked up nine awards each in Insurance Institute for Highway Safety press release. Collecting eight awards were Toyota, General Motors and Ford.

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The Hyundai Sonata, Genesis, Santa Fe and Tucson all picked up awards, while Kia’s Optima, Forte Soul, Sorento and Sportage came up top in their respective categories. Audi meanwhile, received plaudits for the Jetta , the Golf, Touareg and Tiguan, while Audi’s A3, A4 and Q5 climbed to the top of the charts.

Hyundai, Kia and VW also score highly on price. As safer vehicles they will historically benefit from far cheapercar insurance premiums, this is as a result from insurers having to spend less money if the car has an accident. More details can be found at Moneysupermarket.com

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The rest of the awards went as follows: Subaru and Chrysler each collected five awards each, Volvo and Mercedes nabbed four apiece, Nissan and Honda got two each and Mitsubishi and BMW each got one.

BMW managed one award yet budget brand vehicle Hyundai boasted nine, so it is not always the most expensive cars which are safer. BMW, were unable to compete in the small hatchback category and it should be pointed out that similarly companies didn’t have cars entered into every group.

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There are always those that will argue that some companies such as Hyundai will intend to be seen as a ‘safe’ brand as they are not known for building luxurious cars. Equally, upon purchasing a new BMW a consumer won’t be bragging about its safety to their friends, alloys, computer and leather seats are more likely to roll of the tongue. It would appear that Hyundai for the moment will have to make do with being ‘safe’.

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