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Protection against other drivers is essential if you want to take to the road. There are thousands of other drivers you will pass and thousands more roads you’ll cross and you never know what might happen. Whether it’s a reckless driver, your own distraction or simply a case of a broken down auto, there is an insurance policy for you. However, sometimes the policies don’t include everything you might need or provide more coverage than is necessary, boosting the prices. You don’t want to be left with no car, but you also don’t want to be paying double what is necessary for protection against something that will never happen to you. Here’s a rundown of some important auto insurance.

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The most basic and necessary of vehicle insurance is third party. It provides coverage for expenses incurred by you and other drivers when you cause damage to another vehicle. It will protect you from their claims and provide repairs for their own vehicles. However, your own vehicle and any injuries you may have suffered will not be covered, only the other driver’s vehicle.

You can add Fire and Theft protection to the Third Party insurance in order to protect against them for a slightly increased price. It’s vastly improved over the basic third party and you gain some protection at least for your own vehicle, so it’s worth thinking about if you think you are at risk of these two acts.

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The best insurance in terms of coverage, Comprehensive insurance provides coverage for pretty much everything. Whether it’s an accident you caused or someone else or simply an ‘Act of God’, such as a tornado or flood, this insurance will protect you against the expenses incurred. It will provide medical coverage, repairs and replacement for your automobile, other people’s vehicles and property damage. The company may even provide a replacement vehicle when your own is too damage to drive.

Furthermore, comprehensive may or may not include full glass coverage. The windscreen is always covered as it us illegal to drive with a damaged windscreen, but the other windows might not be. Full glass coverage is sometimes included in comprehensive as a main selling point. Towing is also something to look for, as it will provide roadside assistance to move your vehicle or get it moving under its own power again, so towing insurance will cover the expenses incurred by having this service available to you.

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For expenses incurred beyond the normal vehicle accidents, No-fault insurance covers further expenses such as medical, rehab, work loss, funerals and others for passengers, family, pedestrians injured and yourself. While only available in certain locations, it’s a far-reaching insurance that may be essential for your own use.

You can also apply for insurance that protects you against property damages that you’ve inflicted, such as damaging trees, fences, walls and other objects. Called Liability insurance, it will protect you against claims the property owners have made.

A must-have in some locations, the under-insured and uninsured insurance protects you against the described drivers, covering expenses that their limited insurance can’t cover. Furthermore, it will provide protection against hit and run drivers.

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