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Statistics have shown that teenagers are more likely to be involved in car accidents than their adult counterparts. This is usually down to the teenagers making errors of judgment when driving. Teenagers are also more likely to exceed the speed limits more than adults too.

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This is why many insurance companies have increased their prices when it comes to adding a teenager to the policy. It can now be quite expensive to add a teenager onto a car insurance policy.

It is thought that the average family insurance policy can range between $1,600 and $1,800 each year. This shows an increase in cost from other years and this can vary according to which state you live in.

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Depending on which insurance company you chose to take your policy out with you may notice that by adding a teenager to the policy your cost could significantly increase. This increase could be anywhere from around 50% to almost 200% which is astronomical.

This may seem quite unreasonable but the sad fact is that these insurance companies class most teenagers as very high risk and as such will punish them with higher insurance costs. You could say that the facts justify those increases but there can be ways for you to receive certain discounts for teenagers too.

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If the teenager on the policy has attained good grades from his or her school then the insurance company could look on them favorably. This is because the insurance companies believe that these students will be more responsible when they are driving. This usually means that the insurance companies will give discounts to these teenagers.

It is thought that teenagers who attend traffic school will get fewer tickets than those who do not attend it because they will adhere to the traffic regulations. This in turn will mean that their premiums will effectively be lower for their insurance.

Finally a teenager that has a sensible car will get cheaper car insurance than one with a flashy sports car. Obviously insurance companies will suspect the sports car driver to be more likely to break the speed limit and be more likely to be involved in accidents so they will increase the cost of their policy.

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