A Look At Womens Car Insurance Company

A Look At Womens Car Insurance Company

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by Dumo Maseko

Although too many men it seems unfair, it is true that women are not as likely to claim on their car insurance as men. The reasons for this are not conclusive but point towards a few known facts such as the speed at which women are more likely to drive at plus they are less likely to drive sports vehicles.

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Whatever the reason, car insurance companies prefer lady drivers to their gentlemen counterparts because they are considered as much less risky drivers although it is because the accident rates of ladies are lower. Even though the risk of an accident is equal in both sexes, the damage caused to a car driven by a man is much greater than that caused by a woman. In light of these facts it is not surprising to find that the insurance premium a woman will pay is usually around thirty percent less than that paid by a man.

Part of this is down to the slower speed that the average woman drives at which means that most accidents do not have such severe damage which translates to smaller payouts by vehicle insurers. Whereas, road accidents where the drivers are male often result in more damage to property and other vehicles as their speed is higher which means the insurance company has to pay out more. Women are even considered to be a better risk even when they have only just passed their driving exam.

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There are now a number of car insurance providers that have set up purely to aim their auto insurance policies at women and even married women cannot have their husband as a named driver. They are just working with the statistics and believe that having a man on the policy will just increase the chances of a large claim meaning that premiums will have to rise.

Working to a budget like this means the company will not make as much profit so they will have to attract more members than would normally be required. Women drivers should seriously consider getting a car insurance quote from a company that will only insures women drivers. You can further lower your premium by parking your car overnight in the garage, by attending extra driving course and maintaining a good driving record.

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Always bear in mind that specialist insurers (and women only companies’ fall into this category) are not always the cheapest to deal with and sometimes, despite the discounts, they are not necessarily going to be the most competitive auto insurance provider. Considering the ongoing costs involved with any type of insurance, the best course of action is to compare companies and obtain quotes from a number as you may discover a general insurer who is cheaper.

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