Car Insurance Rates Are Soaring

Car Insurance Rates Are Soaring

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Car insurance has never been cheap, and it is certainly needed, but the increases that have happened lately are bordering on the absurd. Over the past 12 months, insurance rates have increased almost a half. Things got a lot worse for younger drivers and new drivers. The rates for their age bracket have increased by sixty-four percent, almost doubling what they had to pay just a year ago. This trend seems to be happening to everyone, as well. There’s plenty of 22 or 23 year old drivers who have been driving for several years and have spotless driving abstracts.

There are a few reasons that these rates have increased like this. For one thing, there have been many more cases of fraud. People look at accidents in a whole new way than they used to, seeing them as a way to make money. They are setting up accidents or working with repair shops and clinics to charge for problems that do not exist. These fraudulent charges have driven up the prices for everyone. Another problem is that more and more drivers are going without insurance. This could be happening because of the high prices, and it is certainly contributing to them. Finally, age still plays a role as it always has. Young drivers are ten times more likely to crash, so they have to pay much more for their policies.

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Even with these factors, the increases are not warranted. They do not fit with what is happening. While young drivers are more prone to crashing, they are not sixty-four percent more prone to it this year than they were last year. These types of charges are unfitting and need to be stopped. Soon it will be impossible for young people to have their own vehicles at all.

One thing that needs to be done is that laws need to be put in place to stop the fraudulent claims. It is unfair to everyone else that they have to pay for the actions of others. The authorities might not be able to stop people from trying to do this, of course, but they should work to shut down the clinics and repair shops that are going along with it. They should then make it so that those people cannot work in that industry again, preventing them from just starting up another crooked shop.

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If nothing is done to stop this trend, the car market itself could see a hit. People will not buy cars because they will know that they cannot afford to drive them. They may even sell the vehicles that they have and begin taking the public transportation.

Farmers and others who live in the country would not have this luxury, but many people could make this choice to save money. It is in the best interests of the economy as a whole, then, for these charges to stop rising before they reach a point where people refuse to pay.

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Prices of insurance quotes make up for a large portion of someone’s budget. You need to find a way to get cheaper car insurance quotes.

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