Get Rid Of Your Old Junk, Cars, Computers

Get Rid Of Your Old Junk, Cars, Computers

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If you have an old car sitting in the garage or maybe a pile of old computer parts, these items are taking up space in your home. Not only are there many businesses that want your old cars, electronics and household items, some will give you cash for these items, even if they are battered and broken.

For those who have an old car, dumping this item with a junk dealer or salvage yard is a quick and easy way to pick up some fast cash. There are many junk car dealers out there, so it’s not hard to get top dollar. Be sure to a pick a site that offers free pick up of your car, truck or van. Also choose a salvage dealer that offers to complete all the paperwork and will bring you cash in hand upon pick up.

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When selling a junk car, all you should have to supply is the car or truck’s title and the auto itself. The junk car or salvage dealer you choose will pick up car and give you cash on the spot, usually within 24 hours of your quote.

Chances are you probably have some old or broken computer equipment lying around the house. There are several websites out there that will purchase your old computer. These items are then refurbished and sold or donated. Other items that can sometimes be sold include cellular phones, mp3 players, game consoles, GPS devices, satellite radios, eBook readers and other electronics. If you cannot sell them with an online service, consider using a site such as Craigslist to get some quick cash.

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Even if you can’t sell it or give it away for free to a site such as, computers and electronics shouldn’t be dumped in a trashcan, so be sure to call your refuse removal service and ask about proper disposal of these items.

For those who are remodeling or moving, consider selling old appliances. There are a few businesses that will buy them for parts, but you also can list them for sale on sites such as eBay or atOncer. Donate these items to charity and you won’t get cash, but you will receive a tax deduction. is another way to get rid of old appliances quickly. No cash changes hands, but at least you free up space in your home.

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When cleaning out your house, don’t forget to think about selling other items, as well. Furniture can be sold at consignment shops, and there are many stores that will give you cash or trades for items such as clothes, toys, books and CDs. Even if you cannot sell, you might be able to barter or trade for other items that you need. Also consider having a clothing or household swap party. You can trade old items for new ones that you might really need.

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