How Insurance Companies Begin Your Insurance Claim

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by Graham McKenzie

The fortunate thing about having car insurance is that when you are involved in an accident or your vehicle is stolen or vandalized you are able to file a claim and have the insurance company handle the repairs or replacement of any valuables other than the deductible which you will pay frequently.

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Basically the required information for a claim filed is gathered by the Insurance Company after analysing the coverage rules and your actual policy information. The agent, while filing a claim, will prepare a checklist for the initial examination which will be done in order to validate a claim and to calculate the percentage of amount that the Insurance Company has to pay legally.

Your policy needs to be active. The insurance agent will verify that the police is before anything else transpires. The agent will also ensure that your payments have been paid and that you are not behind. If it is determined you lapsed in payment, you will not be eligible for coverage.

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Your policy has certain coverage amounts and there are items that are not covered, the insurance agent will go over your policy contract and determine if the claim you are filing is in fact covered by the policy. If you have only liability insurance or third party cover then you will not be able to collect on damages such as car theft.

You cannot claim the coverage amount if the exclusion criteria of the policy such as fire or flood is a part of the claim but you can claim coverage during a break in burglary or vandalism, in case if your expensive car accessories such as stereo or golf clubs are stolen, if it is covered or listed in the actual policy contract.

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The insurance agent looks for violation of policy terms, ensures the driver stood up to their end of the policy requirements and checks for any perils or items that might be excluded for the claim. It might sound harsh, but the insurance company will look for any reason they should not pay the claim and if they find one you will be left holding the bill at the end of the day.

The checklist allows for an easy overview to determine the validity of the claim as a whole. If an insurance agent suspects the claim may be fraudulent, they are required to report their suspicion to the assessor. Claims that may set trigger a closer inspection include a vehicle worth very little being vandalized with items that are of extremely high worth. The insurance company makes notes of all the information received and is given to the assessor. The checklist gives the assessor a great background for he or she to review any possible misleading or false claims.

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