Interesting Facts About Car Accident Lawyers In New York City

Interesting Facts About Car Accident Lawyers In New York City

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In case you become involved in a car accident in the city of New York; you must search for legal help from the law organizations specializing in car accidents. You must start looking for this help as soon as you address any emergency medical procedures. Phone book and website listings bearing the phrases “injury & accident”, “car accident lawyer” or “personal injury” can assist you in getting help. You can also note down the contact information about car accident lawyers usually advertised in public areas.

There are 225,000 motorists involved in car accidents in New York City every year so there are many lawyers saying to be experts in this field. New York City is split into the boroughs of Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn and the Bronx. Ensure that your legal help is acquainted and has practiced in the area that your accident happened.

Some specific highways and streets in the city if New York, are infamous “black spots”. If a lawyer knows about those spots, it can be beneficial. The other thing that can be advantageous is if a lawyer knows the people working in the local court system. Therefore, it would be advisable for you to seek the services of a lawyer who practices in the area where your accident took place. For instance, if your accident occurred in Brooklyn, obtaining a lawyer who practices in Brooklyn will be helpful for the lawyer will have familiarity with the roads, other attorneys and judges in the area.

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Almost all of the lawyers who specialize in car accidents have a section that explains the settlements and verdicts that they have encountered when solving cases on their websites or on printed material. Most of the time, lawyers list the financial settlements, which their law firms have won for the victims of car accidents. It’s also possible to find client testimonials but it is not possible to speak with their previous clients. You should try your best to find a lawyer whose firm has won such settlements before saying yes to use the legal services offered by that firm. This can help you in verifying whether such settlement claims are genuine.

It is possible for car accident lawyers to offer you their services free until the time when you will collect a settlement. A few lawyers may inform you that you will not need to pay anything if their firm does not win you any compensation. To be sure about such promises, you must ask the lawyers to confirm them in the form of a written document.

It is essential for you to begin legal action immediately in cases related to car accidents. The type of claim, which you are filing can affect how much time you have to do so. In New York, people usually have three years in which they can file a claim but other case issues can influence this time.

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The amount of money that you can expect your lawyer to require after subtracting the expenses charged for contingency fees or in conditions where you had not paid your lawyer in advance is thirty three and a third percent. The lawyers can also deduct fees in order to recover monetary damages. As an illustration, if the amount you receive as net settlement is two hundred thousand dollars, the lawyer’s fees cannot exceed 666,66 dollars. This is just an example since other issues can affect lawyer’s fees.

The services of a lawyer would still be necessary in New York State even if it had the consideration as a “No Fault” jurisdiction with consider to car accidents. The meaning of No Fault is that the insurance company where you hold a policy with will pay you if you are injured or damage happens to your property. The payment will be according to your pre-set policy limits and the insurance company does not take into account the person responsible for causing the accident.

If the injuries made by an accident are serious to the point of being permanent or if death happened as a result of the accident, you will want to consult a lawyer specializing in car accidents. You will also need a lawyer incase of an incorrect police report or if it is not clear who is responsible for causing the accident. The other situations where you will need a lawyer is if your liability insurance limits are very low, if you lack proper insurance or if your insurance company involves legal help of its own in the case.

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Defective product lawyers specialize in getting you compensation for any losses or injuries sustained as a result of using a faulty product. To know more about what to do if you have been in a traffic accident check our guide to New York car accident lawyers.

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