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by Unique Article ‘Wizard’

Congratulations on joining our community! Here is some important information:

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The fact that you can read this shows that the article submission process is working. You’ll now start to receive UNIQUE articles that match your selected categories, up to the “daily maximum limit” you set.

If you no longer wish to receive articles, or you wish to change the maximum number of articles you receive each day, simply update your preferences in the UAW Control Panel.

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Also check to see if you have enabled the special UAW link so that your readers can get their own unique version of this articles, thereby preventing you from suffering from the duplicate content filters. Look at the bottom of this article to see if this link is activated or not. Without that link people will simply copy the article directly from your site, which means they will be posting content that is a duplicate of yours. If their site happens to have higher rankings than yours, then your site will suffer from the duplicate filters.

If the link is activated, you can also earn 20% recurring commissions on any UAW signups resulting from people clicking on that link. That’s right – you can earn passive income just by publishing UAW articles on your site. If you haven’t already signed up for our free affiliate program, you can do so now here.

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Indeed, why not also use the Wizard to promote your own sites? Sign up for your own subscription here.

Once again, welcome aboard! If you have any suggestions on how we might improve the Wizard, do let us know through our Helpdesk: http://allegrettopublishing.com/support/index.php .

About the Author:
This is the author’s resource box. If you have enabled the special UAW link, you should see it here: Click here to get your own
unique version of this article.

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