Why You Need to have Good Car Insurance

Why You Need to have Good Car Insurance

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by Stewart Anderson

If you are driving a car, you better have car insurance. If you get into an accident and it is your fault, you are responsible for any and all damage that is done to property and other people. If you have no insurance you could get sued and lose everything you own.

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What if you hit someone, do you have the money to pay out of your pocket for damages to them or their car? The answer lies in auto insurance, most people do not have enough money in the bank to just pay out for the cost of a terrible accident. Insurance is what protects you from law suits if you are involved in an accident that happens to be your fault.

The types of coverage that you must have vary from state to state, but you must be able to cover medical expenses for any persons in your own car that are hurt, and any persons that were involved in the accident, and any property such as other cars, homes, or light poles for instance.

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You can help to keep your insurance premiums down by taking extra precautions such as installing a car alarm and a wheel lock. You can also park in a locked garage. Having airbags also brings down your premiums, and so does power locks. If your car is a sports car expect to pay more, and trucks also normally cost more to insure than a sedan.

Older cars can be harder to insure, I am talking about the old classics that you restore, the reason is they do not have all of the safety features that the modern cars do, and the parts are often harder to find and cost more. A brand new car may cost more at first because of replacement value, but as they depreciate so will the auto insurance.

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Another way to keep insurance costs down is to get all of your insurance needs covered by the same company. If you have your home owners policy, other vehicles and life insurance through the same company you get a multiple policy discount. If you keep a good driving record you premiums will often go down after a few years.

Sports cars can cost more to insure, because they have more power. It costs more to insure new drivers. If you are a good driver with a clean driving record that you’re insurance should go down as your policy continues. Be sure to search around for the best coverage for your money.

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