Simple Auto Repairs

Simple Auto Repairs

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Most people, even those for whom DIY means ‘Destroy-it-Yourself’ can manage some automotive maintenance tasks. From the very easy to the slightly more difficult, there are online resources and manuals that can guide you through basic car maintenance. An owner can take care of their cars monthly or yearly maintenance without worrying about the expenses of a shop, and decrease major car problems while increasing the resale price on the car.

Although DIY automotive maintenance cannot replace a regular service at the shop, it can help maintain a car between services, and help stretch out the service intervals if budget constraints require more time between servicing.

Battery maintenance such as cleaning the battery posts and topping up the water levels is relatively easy, as is changing windshield wipers and topping up water, oil, brake fluid and power steering fluid levels when needed.

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A faulty cooling system can be a direct result of a radiator that has not been flushed and is experiencing a build up of corrosion. Radiator flushes are an easy way to participate in DIY maintenance of your car, using the right items, from the comfort of your home.

Changing brake pads and discs is pretty straightforward for most people who can handle tools. If the brakes are squealing, or the brake pedal seems to go down too far before slowing the car, it may be time to check the pads and replace them. Most auto parts stores will have dealer parts as well as generic equivalents.

Keeping the ABS sensors clean can prevent the ABS warning light from switching on and leading the owner to believe the brakes needed to be serviced. Clean the sensors as soon as you find them. A tasks so minuscule saves money and keeps car owners away from the shop. If the light still comes on though, the car must be taken in to be checked.

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Replacing the air and fuel filters are important maintenance tasks that ensure the car runs smoothly, improve fuel efficiency, and prevent the development of bigger problems. Again, a basic knowledge of tools and common sense make this job a walkover.

Oil changes requires the removal of all old oil and for the sump to be filled with clean oil. A dirty task, this can give your engine the clean out it needs.

Working under the car requires for the car to be stationary at all times, and it is important for this to be achieved by placing heavy solid materials behind tires. Use an extremely low skateboard or slider for under the car. Rubber mats or other smooth mats may prevent dirt and scrapes from harming the body.

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The replacement of car parts is easier than most may think. Just remember the order in which everything was removed, put it back in reverse order, and make sure you use every nut and bolt you took off. That one bolt left over may be the vital one!

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