Drug drivers to pay the price

Drug drivers to pay the price

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Recently, moneysupermarket.com conducted a survey that shows that drug drivers could receive premiums up to 78% higher than other drivers. As well as this, they will find it difficult to find insurance not just not, but in the future. A drug driving (DR80) conviction can especially affect those looking for cheap insurance for young drivers.

The DR80 penalty can have seriously adverse effects on the driver’s insurability, says moneysupermarket. Many insurers will not provide cover to drivers who have received this kind of conviction. Those that do are the ones that provide the severe hike in premium prices. The British driver pays 404 per year for insurance, but the average price for a convicted driver rises to 720 a year.

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In 2008 the department of transport released these figures surrounding accidents caused by drink drivers. In that year there were in total, 1085 casualties due to drug driving. Within this, there were 60 deaths, 280 serious injuries and 745 slight injuries due to drug driving.

The seriousness of the drug driving situation has been address above. It is both dangerous to others, and will cost you in the long run. No driver should drive or attempt to drive under the influence of drugs. Those that do will face the consequences. The risk to your own safety and the safety of others, whether pedestrians or road users, should not be compromised.

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We know that drug drivers often have to pay the price when it comes to their insurance. Either they have to pay more with their current provider, or take the time to find a new provider, and probably end up paying more anyway. As well as finding suitable driving insurance, they have the problem of a possible fine, driving ban or even prison sentence. Advisors say it just isn’t worth the risk, as it can become very costly and highly damaging.

The government is taking steps to reduce the prevalence of drug driving. There are now devices that allow police officers test for drugs that include cannabis and cocaine. If they are able to detect drugs in a suspect’s system, this is the right direction in which to tackle this problem. If you have ever driven under the influence of drugs, but you will have to shop around and expect to pay the price for this.

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