The Madness Of Irish Motorways

The Madness Of Irish Motorways

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It seems like something you’d only see inside an action movie – a motorist speeding headlong into oncoming traffic on the busy motorway. But apparently this crazy sight just isn’t as uncommon as you’d believe. Actually, based on Road Safety Authority chief executive Noel Brett, high risk incidents of drivers driving the incorrect direction down motorways have become “a daily occurrence”.

Gardai say the most dangerous motorists on motorways are “middle-aged and older drivers”. Of the two and a half million holders of driving licences, Mr Brett said the vast majority had never had any kind of formal driving training and many older drivers had been used to driving in ways which is inappropriate for motorways.

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Essentially the most common and harmful practices include individuals driving or reversing in the completely wrong direction, driving or parking on the hard shoulder, and walking on motorways. Mr Brett revealed: “If a person misses their exit, they may possibly feel its okay to perform a u-turn, or try and reverse back. 1 just cannot do that in the high-speed surroundings of a motorway.”

Six people – three pedestrians and three car-users – have been killed on Irish motorways this year. This is not far off the total number of individuals killed on motorways in 2010, when 4 pedestrians, two car-users and 2 goods vehicle motorists lost their lives.

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Responding to these alarming stats, the Road Safety Authority yesterday launched a campaign targeted at motorway users. A new 40-second advertisement focuses on overtaking, right usage of motorway lanes and how to proceed when your automobile breaks down on a motorway. A further advert will concentrate on not driving in the incorrect direction on the motorway.

More than 160 motorists have been caught and penalised for ‘tailgating’ infractions on the M50. In a lot of of these cases drivers had been apparently trying to avoid paying the M50 toll by tailgating HGVs – driving a car right up to their rear, to inside inches of the bumper – in a stupid effort to hide their licence plates from the toll surveillance cameras overhead.

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