How To Get Cash For Junk Cars, Other Old Items

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If you have an old car sitting in the garage or maybe a pile of old computer parts, these items are taking up space in your home. Not only are there many businesses that want your old cars, electronics and household items, some will give you cash for these items, even if they are battered and broken.

For those who have an old car, dumping this item with a junk dealer or salvage yard is a quick and easy way to pick up some fast cash. There are many junk car dealers out there, so it’s not hard to get top dollar. Be sure to a pick a site that offers free pick up of your car, truck or van. Also choose a salvage dealer that offers to complete all the paperwork and will bring you cash in hand upon pick up.

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Before getting quotes, however, make sure you have the title and ownership papers for the car. These are required by law and the junk dealer will ask for them upon pick up. The best part about junking a car is that you can get the quote over the phone or email and most junk car dealers will pick up your automobile within 24 hours and give you cash in hand on the spot.

Electronics are another item that can be sold for cash. There are several web-based businesses that will purchase your old laptop or computer and give you cash in return. In addition, there are businesses that will purchase other electronic items such as old gaming consoles, cell phones, car stereos, GPS devices, mp3 players and much more. Obviously the cash you will receive by brand, age, condition and other factors. Also, don’t forget about sites such as Craigslist. They are often a great way to get rid of old stuff.

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Electronics are items that should never be placed in a trashcan. Even if you cannot find a place where you can get cash for your electronics and computers, they usually need to be separated from regular trash. Call your local refuse company and ask for the proper way to dispose of these items. Websites such as FreeCycle are another option. People will come and pick up just about anything, if it’s free, and at least it gets out of your house and away from the landfill.

If you are remodeling or updating your kitchen, consider selling your old appliances. These can be listed on a free classified ad site or you can try an auction type site, such as eBay. You can also donate your old appliances to a charity, such as the Salvation Army or give it away on a site such as FreeCycle.

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There are plenty of other items that you can sell, as well. Baby items sell quickly on free classified ad websites, although there are often restrictions with items such as car seats. But baby toys, clothes, bedding and strollers are hot sellers. Furniture can be swapped for cash at yard sales or at a consignment store. Some stores will give you cash or trades for gently used clothing, toys and books. Also don’t forget that some sites, such as Craigslist, have bartering as an option. Bartering can be fun, and you can even keep trading up to get better stuff.

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