Buying A Hybrid Car At An Auction

Buying A Hybrid Car At An Auction

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A hybrid car wasn’t recently crowned since the 2009 Green Car of the year by America’s Green Car Journal! Are hybrid cars only a fad? Is another form of power the “Real Green”..?

Yet these overpriced, misshapen things on wheels are touted as the answer to saving environmental surroundings. Maybe they will go the clear way of the “Pet Rock” for those old enough to remember it. The car that got more points compared to Hybrids, and took the crown, was none other than the Volkswagen Jetta TDI “clean diesel”. No less than 9 experts from environmental and automotive backgrounds were impressed enough using its fuel economy, low emissions and strong performance allow it a big thumbs up.

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Surprised.? Well, this TDI “clean diesel” version from the popular Jetta continues to be selling in North America since August this past year.! The study and technology employed in advanced “clean diesel” engines means we are able to now drive “normal looking” cars and still leave a smaller carbon footprint on the environment.

Repair costs will also apt to be a lot lower too. Perhaps you have seen all the electronics and additional motors in those hybrids.? Has anyone looked into whether or not the manufacture of Hybrids and their multitude of components, creates more carbon emissions than “normal car manufacturing” ?

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I’m sure we may be shocked in the answer. Just a few techie specs about the Jetta then: 2.0 Liter 4 Cylinder TDI motor that produces 140 hp and it still seems to get 50mpg and meet the most stringent emission control standards, California’s Tier II, Bin 5. . and all sorts of this with a quiet engine that gives you a large number of grunt when you need it.

Now, I am not pushing VW’s or saying you need to avoid Hybrids. Things i am saying is that when you are at the next car auction, maybe keep an eye out for many from the “clean diesel” powered cars as an alternative to the Hybrid. It maybe another 12 months or more before you decide to see these Jetta’s coming with the lanes to bid on. But don’t overlook it just since it is a diesel. Even at the repossessed and seized car auctions, you never know what will turn up. Imagine Twice Before choosing a Hybrid Car at Auction, especially if you’re going to use an auction like Wavee.

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Jerome Tyler writes for a daily column on a blog called Wavee Scam.

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