Match A Lawyer Online

Match A Lawyer Online

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Legal provider matching services have recently come of age using the internet to provide a private and low cost way of locating a lawyer. The biggest three are Legalmatch, Findlaw, and Legalfish. These services allow a potential client to post their case into the matching service. A selection of available attorneys interested in the practice area will review the responses.

One considerable advantage of these services is that they allow participants to state the level of privacy that they desire. A user could choose to show contact information to any responding attorney or to review the responses before revealing their contact information. This makes these solutions especially suited to the locally prominent or paranoid.

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In addition, all these services perform a prescreening of the attorneys involved. Don’t forget to do your own due diligence because of this, these services do this prescreening mainly as a marketing mechanism. In today’s society, the consumer at the end of the day will always bear the responsiblity of due diligence. The indicated services do generally require a minimal malpractice insurance level and check to make sure there isn’t an excessive level of complaints registered with lawyer’s applicable bar. An attorney after enrolling probably won’t be checked continually so you’ll need to make sure that the facts haven’t changed.

The barristers who respond pay a fee of several to tens of thousands of dollars read your case and tell you their response. Naturally, requiring a substantial investment in a practice area will be a market of a legitimate interest in that type of case. Unfortunately, attorneys have become quite good at claiming an expertise in virtually any area. However, when an attorney spends a considerable sum on marketing focused on one practice area, then they will naturally develop an actual expertise in that area.

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The response of an attorney clearly can tell you that attorney is really looking for new work and is available. A matching service’s characteristics cleary indicate a low pressure way of finding an attorney. You will also save a lot of money on consultation fees when you have a more complicated case requiring a more detailed analysis of potential representation.

The downside can also be that it can take time for an attorney to respond. In addition, the high fees mean there will not be a large number of responding attorneys. A tip on these services can be to send a message to the attorney to call you once you receive their response. This lets the attorney know you’re a good prospect and have thoughtfully read the lawyer’s response.

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It’s easy to see that for more complex cases that attorney matching services can be an ideal way to select a lawyer. Contested family law cases or more intricate personal injuries matters lend themselves to benefiting both the potential client and the intake lawyer with this method. Conversely, more cookie cutter areas like Bankruptcy or real estate closing would not benefit from the use of an attorney matching service.

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