Finding The Right Medical Malpractice Attorney Orlando

Finding The Right Medical Malpractice Attorney Orlando

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A medical malpractice attorney Orlando protects the rights of victims of health care negligence which is difficult to prove because both direct and proximate causation must be proven in order to establish a cause of action. Just as with all legal actions the lawsuit must be filed before the statue of limitations expires so it is important find an experienced lawyer as soon as possible so that the filing deadline is met. Choose a lawyer who has a passion for health care negligence cases and is willing to do all he can to win his client’s case.

Personal injury law can be a complex legal specialty especially if there is an issue about proximate causation. In order to prove a cause of action direct causation and proximate causation must be established. Usually proving direct causation is relatively easy because usually there is a direct relationship to a defendant’s act and the victim’s injury.

Proximate causation is not as easy to establish as direct causation because proximate causation relates to whether or not a result of an action was a foreseeable consequence of the act that is did the defendant reasonably foresee that his action would lead to a specific consequence. If the defendant cannot be shown to have foreseen the consequence of his act then no cause of action exists. It is issues such as proximate causation where lawyers argue and earn their legal fee.

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In cities with large urban populations there are several malpractice lawyers to choose from but choosing the right lawyer is not as easy as picking the lawyer with the slickest TV ad. Lawyers who run big ads on television usually refer their cases to a team of lawyers who might only have minimal contact with their client. This is not necessarily a bad practice but most clients want a more personal relationship with their legal counselor.

There is no such thing as an easy, winnable lawsuit so avoid attorneys who promise an easy victory and a large settlement. Most attorneys are happy to offer initial free consultations where they will examine the facts of the case and give their informed opinion as to whether or not a cause of action exists. During the free consultation ask the attorney about his specific qualifications and his specific area of expertise.

Hire a lawyer who specializes in medical negligence law who has many cases to his credit, and many successes. Ask if the lawyer belongs to professional associations related to the practice of health care negligence law or health care negligence non profit groups. Lawyers who have a passion for their specialty will belong to groups within their legal specialty.

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The medical Malpractice attorney Orlando fights for his client’s rights. Health care negligence is responsible for unnecessary suffering and victims of negligence deserve financial compensation for their injuries. Choose the personal injury lawyer who is caring, experienced, and committed to his client’s well being.

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