Advice For Packing Well – Things To Know

Advice For Packing Well – Things To Know

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Moving to a new home is a double-edged sword. Most people find the idea of moving to a new home to be very exciting. Unfortunately, the preparation to do the move is often stressful, exhausting and nerve-wracking.

There are ways to help make the whole moving process be less stressful. In order to have a real chance to relax and enjoy the move, here are some simple tips. The most important part is to stay organized.

Obviously, moving requires moving supplies. This means boxes, bags, packing tape, bubble wrap, dish and glass separators for your dish and glassware. Most people underestimate how many containers they will need to pack all of their possessions safely, so begin purchasing packing supplies as soon as you know you will be moving.

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You can also use your clothes and pillow as buffers between any breakable objects you might have. But of course you should start your packing with a good plan.

Most people find this an ideal time to also create an inventory list. The list will help you identify every item that you are packing and which box the item is in. Later, you can use this list to determine how much insurance you need for your possessions. Pick a room and pack everything in that room first before moving on to the next room.

When packing, avoid making any box to heavy. Pack lightweight items in larger boxes and pack heavy items in smaller boxes. Take care to note how much weight a box is manufactured to handle (most moving boxes have this information printed directly on one of the flaps). Evening out the weight will help make it easier to move and then unpack the boxes.

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If you are packing and planning to move yourself, keep the weight of each box to a weight that is less than you can handle. In other words, if the most you can lift is 50 pounds, try to keep each box below 40 or 45 pounds. If you pack many boxes, you do not want to be straining to lift each box. Be sure to wrap breakable items such as glassware and ceramics individually with newspaper or paper designed for this purpose. Then use bubble wrap to further cushion the bottom, sides and top of the box to prevent breakage.

It is also helpful to pack everything you will need the first day in your new house separately. Clearly label these boxes so they are easy to find. This will make your first day less stressful. Packing takes planning and patience but with a little of both you can have a smooth packing experience.

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