Learn To Economize With Down Substitute Bedding

Learn To Economize With Down Substitute Bedding

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The fact is that most consumers implicitly realize that buying a real, high quality down comforter is going to set them back several hundred dollars. The expensive part is the down fill, which comes from either farmed geese that need many months to raise, or wild geese that are difficult to find and need many hands to harvest.

Contrary to popular belief, down is not made of feathers but rather the soft undercoat. This soft undercoat is composed of feather-like elements, but shaped like little soft fluffy balls rather than stiff, long sharp feathers. The soft undercoat is used by waterfowl birds for warmth and cushioning. The top feather coat is slick with oils that give it water resistance and therefore keeps the undercoat dry.

The problem is that most people need more than one comforter: one for themselves, and maybe two or more for the kids and guests who come visit the house. Kids are energetic and frequently wear down all manners of bedding. Trying to buy all of these comforters and replacing them constantly can be a drain on the bank account. As a result, many turn toward down alternatives.

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A good down alternative should be able to mimic at least two properties of down. It should be soft, and it should provide high “loft”. Loft is an indicator of volume to weight. For down, just an ounce can fill 1000 cubic inches. The high volume and low weight is a good indicator of how much air is in the spaces, which in turn is a good indicator of insulating power.

The thing to keep in mind is that not all down alternatives are cheaper than down. For example, alpaca wool is very lofty, warm and soft. But it’s an extremely expensive material as it’s harvested from a rare South American pack animal, the alpaca, much like wool is harvested from sheep. There are even synthetic alternatives that are highly pricey.

In order to economize and save money, consumers should focus their attention on the polyesters, which comprise almost the entire synthetic market. In addition, consumers should try out products from each of the many companies that offer this product. The reason is that the synthetics are often made in-house, with proprietary technology. Some companies have excellent alternative fill whereas others have yet to master the techniques.

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Fortunately many manufacturers churn out high quality down alternative comforters and bedding now. Two examples are Stearns and Foster and Beyond Down, both of which make comforters.

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