Let My Phone Room Prospect for You

Let My Phone Room Prospect for You

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If you could eliminate cold calling on potential customers would you love it? Of course you would. No one really enjoys that initial, cold contact. But, if you did not do it, where would you get warm prospects and finally, customers? Cold calling is probably your least preferred task, but My Phone Room can help.

What if you could only have warm prospects, no cold calling needed? What if you had an endless supply of those warm prospects? What if, when you contacted a prospective customer, they viewed you as an expert that was there to help them with their problem? Would your job of selling that prospect be easier? Certainly it would.

Do all these “what if’s” sound like some sort of dream? Well, it is not just a dream. You can have this, and much more, to help you get from A to Z in your sales path. How, you might ask? Keep reading.

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Call centers are the panacea for all your cold calling nightmares. No need to get those sweaty palms, make that last cup of coffee, go to the restroom one more time, call home first, or any of the dozens of other delay tactics you have devised to avoid that dreaded cold call. Call centers are here to do it for you.

Give your prospect list to them and they will go from there. Better yet, have the initial contact directed to them, bypassing you altogether. With some of them, you can even connect your website to their center directly. When you finally speak to the prospect, they are ready to speak to you as an expert with answers to their problems.

How can you have this seamless process set up for you, with very little effort? Choose the right call center and they will be there for you, with ease of operation, giving out sales materials that you have supplied to them. They will pre-sell and portray you as the expert you are. The contact is actually eager to see what you have to offer to help them. All this is possible with the right call center.

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Wouldn’t eliminating cold calling make your business not just more enjoyable, but also more efficient? You are the expert that has the answers for interested prospects. Why waste your time determining who is actually a prospect and who is just there to “kick the tires?” Your time is more efficiently spent answering those final, more involved questions a prospect might have.

Is such a call center available to you? It sounds like a miracle. You can find call centers nearly everywhere, but not all are necessarily what you need or want. Some offer most services, but may omit a very important one. Some promise but don’t supply. Be sure that the call center you choose has a way to get initial calls to go directly and seamlessly to them. Be sure they will deliver the sales materials you choose to have delivered. Make sure they will screen so you only get those warm contacts, ones who will be likely to buy.

Not all call centers are equal. Some offer one or more services, but leave out other vital services. Look closely at the call center you choose to make sure you are getting what you need. My Phone room is one such call center. They offer all services, and do it seamlessly so it appears the prospect is talking to someone in your company, which in effect they are, since they are your “employee.” Before making that final decision about a method to do initial cold-calling, be sure to consider My Phone Room.

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