Say Goodbye to Call Reluctance with a Good Call Center

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A good call center can prevent the following scenario, one you are probably well acquainted with. This scenario can be a big hindrance to your career goals. Here is the scenario.

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You start a pot of coffee, take a bathroom break, and then decide to do some filing. Next, you have to get your desk cleaned off so you can work better. By now, you need a snack and a glass of ice water. On the way back to your desk, you stop to talk for a minute, which goes on longer than you thought. You soon have wasted a couple of hours or more. Why are you doing all these tasks of low priority? Call reluctance is the reason. It is a reluctance to get down and make those calls. A good call center can help you overcome this.

Nothing can be more nerve racking than having to contact someone you don’t know, never talked to, or may only have talked to once, and whom you have never met. You so dread it that you keep putting it off. You may even think about a job change so you don’t have to do it anymore. You want a job where you never have to call anyone. It is again call reluctance.

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You have some prospects with which you have had minimal contact. You do need to call them again and follow up to answer questions and attempt to lead them nearer to a close. But, you are nervous about it because you don’t know what their response to you may be. Do you recognize it this time? It is call reluctance.

On your desk is your to do list, you have a long list of prospects that you need to contact and determine whether they need further contact or eliminating from your list. But you make all sorts of excuses, such as not having time to do the whole list at this time, so you just decide to wait until later. Again, call reluctance is rearing its ugly head.

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Sales careers have been ruined due to call reluctance. It can totally immobilize a sales person, so that no tasks get done at all. You never know what sales you may have missed. If you could just get motivated to get on that list, you could have such a brighter career.

There is a solution for your problem. It will help you keep from stressing out about calling. What is this solution? It is a call center. They not only can make initial contacts, but can do follow up chores that keep you so immobilized. They can sort prospects for you so you only have to follow up with those who are more apt to become a customer. They can work with your prospects that need just a little more information. They will determine which contacts need followed up and which need to be scrapped from your list.

So, go have that coffee, take the bathroom break, speak to a coworker or other acquaintance, make that personal call, do whatever it is you really want to do. But, do it because you have extra time due to the help of a call center. It is not call reluctance in this case; it is merely taking advantage of time gained due to the help you are receiving.

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