Discover The Benefits Of Asterisk Phone Systems

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The Asterisk phone systems is a software program that is very diverse, simply expanded and easily customized. It is an extremely cost efficient alternative to the traditional business phone systems. This system has the ability to power a large number of extensions and provide significant long distance savings to the residential consumer.

Anyone who has ever worked in a large office has most likely used a Private Branch Exchange or PBX system. With PBX employees can dial three and four digit inter office extensions, receive voice mail, and dial outside the office network. This system has some flexibility restrictions however, and tends to be very expensive. Technologies can be added to the system, but it is difficult to integrate an add on to an existing PBX system.

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Aside from affordability, the system offers more features than PBX through its software access to the internet. While PBX is a system that switches analog lines, Asterisk uses software to send Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VOIP. The system can support a large number of extensions with a voice mail box attached to an email account for each staff person, regular voice mail, and call routing. The system offers additional features including detailed call logging.

Using broadband, this VOIP PBX integrated system connects to the phone network. From small businesses to large corporations, this system is an affordable solution to the traditional PBX system. The use of software eliminates the high cost of installation making it an affordable system for even the small family owned business.

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Using the system, calls are made and received in the same manner in which they are with the traditional PBX system. Yet they are connected over the internet instead of a land line. In addition, the open source call center allows the flexibility of companies to employ individuals in different locals as long as they can connect to the internet. Using extensions, a call can be directed to any location. This is a unique system used by companies to hire home based staff. The company benefits from the low cost of the system and can lower overhead costs.

In Addition, the system saves companies other costs. For instance, the cost of conference calling between offices in other areas of the country is reduced by connecting them using the network. Business people who do extensive traveling for their job can easily use the internet to satay in touch with their office.

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There are several VOIP consulting agencies are available that offer help to businesses by providing training, services, products, and general support. Asterisk consulting services are also available to assist with Telephony needs such as software support, call center, and VOIP.

Asterisk phone systems are well established and offer businesses a multitude of features that are cost effective. In addition, an assortment of VOIP programs are supported by the software. This flexibility allows IP phones to be connected to the regular phone lines. The oldest of the voip pbx Vancouver systems, many business owners prefer Asterisk.

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