How To Get Very Cheap Car Insurance For Teenagers

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by Kim Draegan

Cheap car insurance is essential for young drivers nowadays, especially in the current economic climate. Many teenagers dream about owning their own car once they turn sixteen but what they usually miss out on is the astronomical prices of the insurance premium. Many factors contribute to the overall quote of your car insurance, some of which have stronger bearings than others. Understanding how different factors affect the overall cost of your car insurance is important in order to enhance your chances of reducing your current insurance quote.

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One factor which affects your car insurance is the type of car. If you want to get cheap car insurance then you would definitely want to be driving around in a car which is either secondhand or not too expensive. Cars which you should not go for include muscle, sports and classical cars. These types of cars tend to have high expenses when they are manufactured therefore they will also cost a lot when they need to be repaired. An ideal car model should be one which has a low rate of car accidents.

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Common safety devices like seat belts, air bags and cushions are good ways to reduce your car insurance premium. These safety devices give more comfort to auto insurance companies because there is less risk of you getting a physical injury as there is more to protect you when driving. Equipping your car with these safety devices also reduces the potential damage on the vehicle itself.

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The deductible is another factor which influences the cost of car insurance. The deductible is the amount the driver who is insured pays before the insurance company pays up for the rest of the cost. Auto insurance companies will reduce their premium offer if you increase the deductible because it shows that you are willing to pay more of the expenses if any accidents occur while you are driving.

Getting excellent grades in your driving test also determines the overall pricing of the insurance. The auto insurance company will obviously have more confidence in a person who obtained a high score in the driving written test compared to someone who scored an average score. The higher your score is, the higher the chances of getting a reduction in insurance premium.

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