What Do You Really Know About Online Auto Insurance?

What Do You Really Know About Online Auto Insurance?

What Do You Really Know About Online Auto Insurance? photo 0

After several years as an insurance agent, I still enjoy helping friends and neighbors with their auto insurance policy. But what I do not do, is telling them that they shouldn’t trust an online auto insurance quote so that I can benefit from selling to them. Some of my colleagues however, especially the older ones, have an entirely different mindset than those of us who are a bit more modern so to speak in the business. My fellow agents believe that online auto insurance quote shopping should be forbidden — and that it causes damage to the industry.

I will make my point clear in just a bit. But you must know that shopping for online auto insurance can be painless, at the same time it can be a nightmare for some. Is your online auto insurance quote real? is the question that I’d like to ask! When requesting an online auto insurance quote, there are several rating factors that the insurance carrier will be evaluating prior to binding the policy. In contrast to that aspect, there are still some insurance carriers or local insurance agents that will start your auto policy even without checking your driving records. When it’s done that way, it only means that your records will be checked a Month or so later. At which point, you will receive a very unpleasant package in the mail from your carrier, containing a much higher premium if they find any derogatory information in your background.

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This is what anyone wouldn’t want to happen after they’ve obtained an online auto insurance quote. Regardless of how attractive your online auto quote may be, please be sure to provide accurate data to guarantee a real quote.

This does not necessarily mean we’re being cheated by the carrier when this happens. Many times it is because either the wrong data was provided for the quote; or the binding was done after business hours such as week-ends and holidays, and the insurance provider was unable to retrieve the correct data. Remember that technology still has limits. Especially when it comes to driving records, as such data are usually unavailable at certain times when pulled from the DMV by the carrier.

To ensure a real online auto insurance quote, we need to properly request it by providing accurately the required data in the application. Any information as little as it may seem, is pertinent to the rate we will receive, and will certainly make an impact. While obtaining an online auto insurance quote seems easy, remember that you need proper coverage and protection.

By caring more about your protection, you will definitely look for more than just a cheap quote for your online auto insurance.

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