If You Damaged Another Car Would You Stop Or Drive On?

If You Damaged Another Car Would You Stop Or Drive On?

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You’ve had a nice shopping trip, picked up a few deals. But your good mood evaporates as you return to find a small dent in the back of your car… Luckily enough you have a comprehensive car insurance to cover this lovely parting gift from a careless driver. Many of us have had a ‘little tip’ in our time, especially as learners trying to negotiate around tricky car parks. Would you leave your details if you left a scrape or a dent on someone else’s car? According to new research, as many as one in five people would not own up if they damaged a parked car…

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And if you’re lucky enough to be the proud owner of a hot motor you have more cause for worry than those with older, less pristine versions. 20 percent of the 3,000 motorists questioned in the poll by a UK insurance company said their decision whether to leave their details would depend on what kind of car they hit… A meagre 1 percent would own up if they hit a fancier car like a Volkswagen Golf GTi.

This survey also showed that over half of the people surveyed has had their own parked cars damaged in the past. Only a meagre 15% of these people were left details by the culprit. If the culprit inspected the car and could find no obvious defects then 66% of people would drive on without owning up to the crash. If they can’t see a problem then they believe no damage was caused.

In the battle of the sexes, women prove to be a more honest bunch. Women are 6% more likely to won up to crashing into a parked car than men. Hurray for the women, but it is still shocking that so many people would walk away after hitting someone’s car. Especially if it is your own car!

Not to keep hammering new drivers but once again the main culprits on the road are new drivers. Up to 25% of new drivers would not admit to even damaging their friend’s car. Contrast this with drivers in the over 55 category who seem to be a more honest bunch. 94% of these elderly drivers would own up to this incident as it has happened to them in the past

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