Formula One Drivers’ Embarrassing Run-ins With The Law

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Formula One has long since been the height of world motor racing. The best drivers in the world showcase their driving skills in the fastest cars on the most demanding circuits.

These elite athletes are challenged both physically and mentally while risking serious injury, reaching speeds of over 200miles an hour and experiencing pressures five times greater than gravity.

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Being the best drivers in the world but also the fastest, you wonder how F1 drivers’ road premiums compare – well obviously not that well owing to Money Supermarket‘s new advert where Nigel Mansell looks to compare companies for the cheapest car insurance.

However, these drivers either aren’t as skilled as they seem. The following are some of the most stupid road car incidents involving some of the world’s greatest drivers.

Michael Schumacher
Michael Schumacher is statistically the greatest driver ever to grace the wheel of a racing car, with seven driver’s championships and 91 grand prix victories in his illustrious career. However, in July 2008 while enjoying his temporary retirement, Michael Schumacher allegedly had a road car accident in Kent.

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It is claimed that Mr Schumacher, while driving a Fiat van, clipped a pedestrian while performing an overtaking move. The pedestrian escaped with nothing more than a bruised leg however it was Michael Shumacher that blamed the pedestrian for the collision despite the pedestrian being thrown from a ladder onto the bonnet of a parked car.

Ralf Schumacher
Michael’s little brother is no angel either. While on his way to visit his dad in Germany driving a BMW 7 series in 2001, Ralf seemed to brake too late on a damp road resulting in him ploughing into the car in front and causing a three car pile up. Schumacher escaped unscathed with only minor damage to his BMW, but the woman in the car in front suffered minor injuries.

Lewis Hamilton
Back in 2008 while world champion Lewis Hamilton not only got in trouble with his team principle but the police when he performed a ‘burnout’ outside the Albert Park track in Australia. Police impounded the vehicle.

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Lewis made a public apology regarding the incident and escaped only with a fine.

David Coulthard
During a demonstration of the new Red bull F1 car in Mumbai, David Coulthard disregarded the 60mph public speed limit and was fined 20,000 for speeding at 160mph. He later labelled the situation of the demonstration and the 60mph limit is a ‘joke’.

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