Starting Your Auto Insurance Claims the Right Way

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The best way to get more money from your auto accident settlement is to begin your compensation claim the right way.

The following are the steps you’ll want to follow when starting your auto accident claims against another vehicle owner’s insurance:

Pay Attention to Blame Questions

In the beginning of your auto accident claims, the insurance company may ask you questions that will try to make you at fault for their insurer’s car accident.

For example, a common questions asked by the insurance companies is : “How could you have avoided the car accident?”

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If you read it very carefully, you can see that this question presumes that you were the person who was the main cause for the auto accident. That the accident may have been prevented if you had been driving more carefully.

In the beginning of the car accident injury claim, the issue of fault is still unknown. The insurance company can’t certainly know who is to blame for the accident unless they assess the auto accident report, get in touch with witnesses, examine the evidence etc. That takes a lot of time and research.

By asking this question this early in the claims process, the insurance company is setting you up to take responsibility for the car crash.

The more fault they can give you, the lower your car accident claim.

To avoid this trap, simply respond to this question: ” I couldn’t have prevented the accident as your crashed into me.”

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Whether or not you could have averted the accident is irrelevant at this point. If the accident was your fault, the evidence will clearly point to it.

But at this stage, don’t assume you’re already the cause for the accident. Doing so will only hurt you and reduce your likelihood of getting more money. So always make sure you listen very carefully to how the insurance companies phrase their questions to you.

The essential thing you are trying to do at this point …

Place Emphasis on the Other Driver

Right after tell the insurance company about the accident, talk about how the other car driver was involved.

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Avoid saying: “I was in a car crash with your insurer”. Instead, say things like:

“Your insurer rammed into me” “Your insurer struck my car coming from the back” “Your insurer crossed the red light and destroyed my car.”

By shifting the focus on the other car driver, you are avoiding getting responsibility for the accident. This helps improve your odds of getting a higher settlement.

It’s important to realize that you should NEVER lie to the insurance companies about your accident. If you do lie, the evidence will clearly expose you and you can face serious legal charges.

If you start your auto accident settlement the right way, you increase your likelihood of getting more money from your insurance claims.

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