Guarantees from Auto Insurance Policy in Canada

Guarantees from Auto Insurance Policy in Canada

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The Canadian Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance industry is the organization that helps support the Canadian economy by assuming the financial risk intrinsic to many business and personal activities. Basically, it makes the lives of businesses and individuals more financially secure by ensuring the losses of a small amount of individuals are shared among all policy holders. The industry is normally defined as including all lines of insurance other than health and life insurance.

Your insurance company is responsible for providing you with the insurance coverage that is summarized on your Certificate of Automobile Insurance. This includes: it lists the vehicles that are insured and the coverages purchased, provides a description of how you were rated for the premiums charged, and it indicates the period of which you are covered by insurance. If you own a vehicle in Canada, you are required to, at the very minimum, buy the following automobile insurance coverage: Third-Party Liability Coverage, Statutory Accident Benefits Coverage, Direct Compensation, and Uninsured Automobile Coverage.

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No matter what type of vehicle you are insuring, you have a number of specific levels of coverage which depends on your desired level of protection. Collision coverage protects you from having to pay out for repairing damage to your vehicle as the result of an impact with another vehicle or an object such as a telephone pole. Comprehensive coverage provides protection from any costs to fix damage to your vehicle from unforeseen events such as vandalism, theft, fire, or natural disasters. ‘All Perils’ Insurance is the combination of coverage provided by Comprehensive and Collision insurance. Specific perils protects your vehicle only against particular dangers, such as attempted theft or theft, and/or some riots. natural disasters, or civil disturbances. Medical costs and personal injury protection (PIP) is insurance that provides medical coverage if you or a passenger in the vehicle were injured in an accident. In some circumstances, PIP supports additional medical expenses such as rehabilitation, as well as costs associated with injuries such as lost wages and even funeral expenses.

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If you are faced with a potential claims situation, your insurance policy will guarantee that you are provided with claims counseling. The insurance company will provide you with the information regarding a potential claim. If you submit a claim, you are guaranteed the service and compensation as outlined in the insurance policy. Your auto insurance policy should also provide coverage for your legal expenses related to your defense in court if you are sued for a policy-covered event. If your claim has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you have the right to appeal your claim.

Auto Insurance Policy is about how much you are willing to pay out versus how much the insurance company will cover. Knowing what type of insurance you need is the key to making sure you have get the right amount of coverage. Using an independent insurance broker is the best way to ensure that your auto insurance is appropriate for your needs. A broker knows the insurance business and can apply his or her expertise to advise you on the best solutions for your specific needs. A broker will compare what is available to get you the best Car Insurance Rates at a price you can afford.

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