How To Become Debt Free

How To Become Debt Free

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So you are in trouble, your debts are becoming un-managable and you are finding it hard to cope. You feel depressed, angry at yourself and that you have let everybody down. Does the above sound familiar? There are many people in a similar situation and many who have now become debt free. You have to ignore the stress, worries and anxieties and focus on a solution at this stage.

Now before you continue to read this article I would like to point out that I am not a financial adviser and that what I write in this article should not been as “financial advice”. It is always worth seeking the advice of a debt specialist before proceeding or making a decision etc. I am actually a person that works on various projects including helping people to stop stuttering and offering cheap hotel deals.

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Not everyone has access to a debt management specialist therefore we have to think about more realistic action to reduce our debts.

What we require is debt solution. To start with we need to seek help and in the majority of cases the best people to help us are our close family and friends. Even though it is likely to be extremely difficult to break the news to our loved ones regarding the fact that we are in debt and also about how much we are in debt, it is something that has to be done – the sooner the better.

Once the above task has successfully been completed we can then move on to step two. The interest added to the repayments is usually what leads to the debt to becoming out of control. The fact that we are in the middle of a recession and a credit crunch could now work in our favour – as strange as this may seem.

The lenders are now writing off thousands of pounds worth of debt each and every day. These companies are eager to recoup some of their money and are very much in need of real cash during these harsh business conditions. Contact each of the creditors and request that they freeze the interest payable, tell them what you can afford to pay and state that you do want to somehow pay the debt off. You should confirm your annual earnings by enclosing a copy of your payslip. Also let them know the true extent to your whole debt problem, for example what you owe to other companies.

You may well be surprised at how many of them write back to you with a positive response.

There are always alternatives of course including going for an adverse credit loan however these are not a solution to becoming debt free.

Another alternative is to formulate a business cost reduction strategy, to lower business overheads; you can do this with the aid of cost reduction experts. This is where you obtain lower prices for things such as your telephone calls, electricity bills and even cleaning.

I wish you every success in your quest to become free from debt.

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