Selling Gold Jewelry

Selling Gold Jewelry

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Just when I thought that I could make it, I decided that I need to sell gold jewelry if I was going to make ends meet. I knew that if I was going to make a little extra money, I needed to be sure that I was aware of all of my choices. Just like a lot people these days, I have been having a difficult time lately paying my bills and keeping the lights on. But what I didn’t realize was the fact that I could possibly have a gold mine in my bedroom.

When I started rummaging through my old and unwanted jewelry, I found some random rings and gold chains that I simply have not worn in a long time. I even uncovered my favorite old gold watch. I have not put it on in years and it was broken. Does your job have you so stressed out that you are unsure of exactly what day it is much less what time it is.

First, I needed to check to see if my gold jewelry was real gold. Some of it looked like it was white gold, maybe silver, and my chains were yellow gold. I looked on the inside of my old rings and found an 18K stamp. And my chains had a 14K stamp on the clasp.

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And guess what, the ones with the stamp meant that they were real gold. Even my watch was genuine because it had a hallmark stamp on it.

Now here is where I really struck it rich. My wife also has a jewelry box literally filled with jewelry that she never wears anymore. But I really had to dig through it to find some genuine gold pieces. I know what you are thinking.

But I didn’t intrude on all of these things without asking permission first of course. We got together and realized that all of our jewelry was never worn anymore and we needed to get rid of it.

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We are both starting to get older and we had collected a lot of jewelry over the years. Deciding to sell some of our gold jewelry was a tough one. Some of the pieces we really could not get rid of since it had value in its sentimentality. But we needed to get the most money for the gold that we sold.

Finding out where to sell gold jewelry is very important if you need to get the most cash possible for you gold.

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