Online Gold Buyers – Can They Be Trusted?

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Online gold buyers have become a very popular choice for many people these days that are interested in selling gold jewelry for some extra cash. But are they the best choice for selling your gold jewelry? I asked that question myself and started doing a little research on the business of buying and selling gold and here is what I found.

Businesses that deal in the second hand gold buying market have literally been around for decades. I can remember when I was a kid seeing commercials on the television where an old man would be advertising that he would buy your unwanted gold and you would make a profit.

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The fact is, this business model really works for the business person and the consumer. Both parties typically make a decent profit in the local gold buying and selling process. The gold jewelry is sold to a refinery and melted into bars. Everyone makes a profit.

In today’s world, these local gold buyers have to compete with the online gold buyers. And the fact is, online gold buyers typically can offer more money for your unwanted jewelry. Why, because they are refineries. Refineries are the place where all of the unwanted gold jewelry finds its way to. If you sell direct to the refinery, you can cut out all of the middle men in the process and put the most cash in your pocket. I know, it’s a “No Brainer”.

If you go with an online gold buyer as your choice for selling gold jewelry, there is no doubt that you need to keep yourself safe from getting ripped off. It is usually referred to as the cash for gold scam. So how do you protect yourself?

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It’s simple. All one needs to do is go online and check with the Better Business Bureau and take note of any complaints. If there are no complaints to be found, then the company is probably not legit.

This may seem to be counter intuitive, but any real gold buying company will have some complaints filed against them. But why? Because most people get offended when they are made an offer that does not line up with what they had in mind.

Here is another reason. Most people are not aware of the bottom line value of their jewelry. Most all jewelry is not made of pure gold and this is the reason why the consumer is disappointed.

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Selling gold jewelry is easy if you choose a gold buyer that will actually make you some money.

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