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One most important thing you have to consider when driving is to always stay focus. Years ago, “defensive driving” was coined. This phrase basically describes the behavior you have to have when driving. Defensive driving is not at all promoting you to level up the bad attitude of a person towards you on the road but rather is will teach you how to act oppositely to his negative attitude.

Focus on What You Are Doing

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First rule in defensive driving is this, you are not to treat the other driver in the same manner as how he treats you. Of course the driver was not good to you, he was totally insane on the road and it sure did pissed you off. Though you may feel bad, it does not permit you to act the same as how the driver acted. You surely have no idea what are the things bothering him on the road while driving. This means you have to let them be jerk drivers who speed ahead of you so they will be out of your sight. Do not make a revenge just because that person had done something bad to you.

Second rule you have to possess is to be completely aware of the happenings on the road. When you are on the road, you can be easily distracted and be hypnotized. When you are driving, usually things that are not good happen when you are distracted. Thus you must be alert. It is good to anticipate how other drivers would act to be prepared as to what you have to do when a situation will arise.

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In defensive driving, it also teaches you to realize that not everyone has the same respect of the rules of the road as you do thus they do not religiously follow it. It may be that, when it comes to your speed limit, you are already fine with not exceeding more than 5 miles above the speed limit but other drivers would be completely go 20 miles over. If this is the case, then you must be ready to give in. How? Simply get out of the way, move over and let them take over. You sitting in their way is going to promote more madness to the person who is in a hurry. Simply move over to protect yourself from their madness.

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You must learn how to be the smart driver on the road rather than the aggressive driver. Remain to be calm and focused no matter how aggressive the other driver can be on the road. Look for a “Zen zone” then try to stay there. It is true though that speeding and in-your-face driving technique can be exciting and it will make you reach your destination faster rather than keeping a low speed. But still it is just not safe. Forget about bad driving and be the good guy. A safe driving would need you to be focused and be really defensive in driving.

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