Defensive Driving And More

Defensive Driving And More

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To protect yourself from accidents, you have to always be cautious especially when driving. A phrase was then recently created to describe how you should behave when driving. This phrase is “defensive driving”. Defensive driving is not at all promoting you to level up the bad attitude of a person towards you on the road but rather is will teach you how to act oppositely to his negative attitude.

Reality tells us that today, there are really a lot of bad drivers you see on the road. Some may just be a little rude but other are really too insane. But it is still true that you do not know what is happening to the person in the other car. When we talk about “defensive driving”, the main goal here is to protect yourself on the road from all those bad drivers.

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There are certain rules to follow in defensive driving. First is to not treat someone in the same way they are treating you. The guy may have been very bad to you on the road and cut you off but they are not enough excuses to fight back in an even manner. You have no idea what are the things in their head at that moment. Forget how you felt on their cruelty, let them out of your life and let them be jerks driving fast on the road. Do not make your madness be a reason for you to have a grudge and take revenge.

Second rule you have to possess is to be completely aware of the happenings on the road. Driving without your full attention simply promotes you to become distracted most of the time. When you are distracted, then something adverse will happen while you are driving. Therefore, your full attention is needed. If you can anticipate on the drivers actions, you can prepare for a situation before it happens thus you get to be ready anytime.

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Next, you must know that not all drivers are the same. This goes to the reality that not all follow the rules of the road in the same way as how you follow it. It may be that, when it comes to your speed limit, you are already fine with not exceeding more than 5 miles above the speed limit but other drivers would be completely go 20 miles over. Well, you just have to give way to them. What you do is to simply give them the way and move over. You sitting in their way is going to promote more madness to the person who is in a hurry. Simply move over to protect yourself from their madness.

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Learn to be smart. It is better that way than to be an aggressive driver. You have to have the patience to remain calm and relax on the road. You must not be affected on other people’s behavior. Look for a “Zen zone” then try to stay there. When you prefer speeding and in-your-face driving technique rather than being within the limit, you may be reaching your destination faster, but will make you more in danger and prone to accidents. Forget about bad driving and be the good guy. If you want to stay safe and alive while driving, you must stay focused at all time and be defensive.

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