What Makes A Relationship Healthy?

What Makes A Relationship Healthy?

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Everybody wants to have a lasting and steady relationship with their respective partners. Who doesn’t? But sad to say, relationships are as volatile as you can get. There are many uncertainties that crop up every now and then. Dealing with these changes or uncertainties may very well result in making or breaking a relationship.

Here are some simple reminders that are vital in having a healthy relationship:

* Communication – It is not enough that you talk a hundred times a day. You should tell each other about things that matter. You might be constantly talking but not telling each other how you feel. Do not keep your thoughts and emotions to yourself. Do avoid using “silent treatment” after every argument. Talk about future plans, dreams, and even some secrets to constantly keep each other close. Do tell each other the good things as well as the bad.

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* Compromise – Some people think of compromises as losing a game or giving in. In a relationship, compromise is about giving and taking. Make sure that you let your partner win an argument sometimes or that you eat in his or her favorite restaurant once in a while. It boils down to thoughtfulness and being sensitive of your partner’s needs without losing yourself and what you believe in.

* Space – Space might be thought of as a gap in a relationship but in truth, giving your partner his or her personal space can benefit you both. Everyone needs to have their own ‘space’ such as time for themselves, having their own set of friends, or even deciding what to wear or how to cut their own hair. Do not decide these personal things for your partner. If they ask, it’s well and good to voice your opinion, but let them decide on their own.

* Time – Do spend quality time with each other. Just a day or several hours in a week that you and your partner spend together doing things you both enjoy is good. These can be simple activities such as watching a movie, going to a museum, or even just watching TV together at home.

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* Acceptance – When in a relationship, you have to accept your partner for who he or she is. Do not compare your partner with other people and belittle him or her. Don’t try changing your partner into someone they are not. We also have to keep in mind that acceptance means forgiveness. When your partner makes mistakes, forgive and forget.

Just let love, honesty, and trust rule your relationship and you will be able to achieve and maintain that long-lasting relationship you’ve always dreamed of.

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