What Must I Do Now That I Am Widowed?

What Must I Do Now That I Am Widowed?

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* Contact and engage a funeral home to conduct a funeral and prepare death certificates. You must go through a funeral home in order to get a death certificate and for the death to become registered. A funeral home could also help the filing of paperwork for government benefits.

* Contact a financial advisor. They will be able to help you in filing any additional paperwork that needs to be filed and helping you determine what your eligible for as far as the government benefits, any survivor pensions, the CPP survivor pension, etc.

* Contact the appropriate government offices concerning the deceased’s identification cards like Health Card, Social Insurance Card and passport. It is important to cancel these cards early on because you want to make sure no one else can steal their identity.

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Cancel all credit cards and ask for final statements. After contacting the credit card companies you can monitor statements from them to make sure that no transactions have happened after the person’s deceased.

* Contact Service Canada about Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security programs if applicable. Service Canada is very good about providing information to the surviving spouse. If you are not aware of what you are entitled, you can call and discuss it with them as long as the death has been registered.

* Apply for any Survivor Benefits for which you may be eligible. If the deceased leaves behind children, apply for children’s benefit. The children’s benefit formally known as the orphans benefit is a benefit that is eligible for children whose parent has passed away and they are under the age of 18. If they are in full-time education, up until the age of 24, they are still entitled to receive the benefit.

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* Contact former employers about pensions and life insurance companies about any policies. It’s important to update policies where the deceased was the beneficiary to ensure that a there are new beneficiaries listed If your spouse has passed away and was still listed as your beneficiary and something were to happen to you then part of benefits would go to the government.

* Ownership of any property such as automobiles or other properties such as a cottage or boat, must be updated. Leasing of any property must be looked at by a lawyer to ensure the beneficiary is mentioned on the lease. They can help in updating if it was previously joint ownership taken health in changing the ownership to just individual remaining spouse. Update or cancel any club memberships or other affiliations. A lawyer can help you in changing the title on real estate.

* It is very common for spouses to have each other listed as the beneficiary of the will, even the executor on each other’s wealth and the power of attorney. Those would need to be updated as quickly as possible to ensure that in the event of something happens the correct people would be in place to take care of things as necessary.

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* File the deceased’s final tax return. It’s important to make sure that all statements come in later that have to have included. Have the accountant research to make sure that if there’s any losses that the individual is carrying forward their able to first claim it on the deceased return and then carry it back in the file the previous years return to get money back.

Before you make any decisions, please go to what to do when widowed, and help for widows

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