The Real Cost Of An Extra Marital Affair

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It seems there is a constant flow of highly public celebrity divorces recently, each of which being splashed across newspapers for all to see and judge. Often the divorces come about after an affair has taken place, the settlements are often very interesting to hear about as more than the average person’s lifetime earnings are often involved.

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An example of somebody who has recently found himself the subject of some of these newspaper stories is golf pro Tiger Woods.

With the divorce settlement of Tiger Woods is said to be somewhere in the region of $100 million dollars questions as to whether an affair is ever worth it are bound to be raised.

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Earlier reports suggested that Woods’ wife Elin would be entitled to a settlement reaching the sum of around three quarters of a billion dollars but reports have since dismissed the claims. Woods is thought to be worth $600 million dollars and often divorce settlements involve splitting everything down the middle so some may suggest he has got off lightly.

Woods and his wife have houses in California and Florida and as they are said to be following Florida law as there is no state income tax in Florida.

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It has however been pointed out that if the former couple would have filed for divorce in California Elin would have been likely to receive more as California is a community property state.

The children will also need to be considered and it is expected that Woods’ wife Elin will get custody of the children with Woods having visiting rights. It is not expected that Woods would attempt to obtain primary custody of the children.

The massive cost Woods has suffered as a result of having an extra marital affair is plain to see. Divorce settlements are often very long winded and can be complicated by a number of things- children being one of them.

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