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The federal government offers numerous grants and cooperative agreements to nonprofit organizations and small businesses from several of its departments. One such grant delivers funding for nonprofit agencies to make available counseling to elderly people to help with completion of their own annual tax returns.

The Internal Revenue Service has allotted $5.1 Million for the 2011 Budgetary Year to support the Tax Counseling for the Elderly (T.C.E.) Program

The IRS, which functions within the Treasury Department is approved to enter into contracts with private or non-governmental nonprofit 501c(3)’s that will give training and technical guidance to volunteers that provide no cost tax guidance and aid to older persons who’re age 60 or older for the submission of their U.S. tax returns.

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Grant funding can be used to pay volunteers for incidental expenditures including travel, meals as well as other expenses incurred by them in providing tax counseling help at spots convenient for the seniors.

Through a competitive procedure, applicable applicant organizations and agencies vie for acceptance to become a T.C.E. sponsor. These groups should be a nonprofit group experienced in managing volunteer programs, along with knowledge of the income tax completion process.

Qualified groups can obtain grants to provide regional Counseling Programs. Tax return submission assistance is furnished to senior-citizens through the entire traditional Federal Income tax submitting timeframe, which is from the 1st of January through the 15th of April each year. In addition the counseling activities required to make sure that senior-citizen taxpayers get useful tax assistance of the best quality can be conducted throughout the year.

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The Cooperative Agreement between the IRS and the not for profit organization specifies the functions that the program sponsor and IRS will perform, the geographical region involved, the maximum amount of funding offered for reimbursement and administrative functions as well as other data.

Commencing with the 2011 T.C.E. Program, multi-year funding options are available for not for profit organizations that are qualified and fulfill the specified criteria.

Organizations presenting an application can choose, if they are thinking about being considered for a multi-year T.C.E. grant. Consideration is restricted to those candidates that meet all eligibility standards.

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Approval by the IRS of an entity to the T.C.E. program for one year will not automatically imply the organization is going to be approved into the T.C.E. system in ensuing years.

A not for profit group that is accepted to offer Tax Counseling for the Elderly services is responsible for every aspect of managing a T.C.E. Program including, but not limited to marketing the program, volunteer recruitment and training, Web page design and construction and outreach to seniors inside their region.

For additional information on Tax Counseling for the Elderly and other Government Grants and in particular grants for non profits visit the Top Government Grants Website. Check here for free reprint licence: Tax Consultation For Seniors Government Grants.

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