Ecological Garden Furniture

Ecological Garden Furniture

If you have a nice garden, then you probably have a patio of a deck so that you can get every last scrap of enjoyment out of it. Most patio furniture is left outside for a lot of the year so it is best to get high quality garden deck furniture. High quality garden deck furniture is essential if you expect it to withstand the rigours of all kinds of weather and yet last a reasonable length of time too.

Another factor, particularly these days, is the ecology. People want to have as little impact on the ecology as possible, thereby reducing their carbon footprint, as they say. The manufacture of plastic involves polluting the atmosphere with more CFC’s and disposal can cause problems too. Plastic can take decades and decades to bio-degrade.

Metal patio garden furniture also has its issues. It has to be mined and fabricated and people are beginning to worry about robbing Mother Earth of her minerals, but at least old metal can be recycled. That leaves us with timber and especially hardwood. Before, there was a great deal of concern in almost every country about logging, but a lot of countries have the problem under control now after sustained pressure from the West.

Most people realize these days how important it is to look after our planet. There is even a special day to help people remember the Earth’s dire state called ’Earth Day’. Using hardwood from replenishable sources is the best way to maintain our forests.

Garden furniture made from hardwood from a guaranteed sustainable source is the most ecological way out. If you maintain your hardwood furniture according to the manufacturer’s recommendations for the type of wood you have, it will last for a decade or more. Far longer than any plastic or metal furniture, which you might well have to replace every two years or so.

Acacia hardwood offers a hard wearing and comfortable alternative to teak. In fact, this type of wood is much like teak, as if you leave it untreated it will transform to a silvery grey color. However, it is best to treat all hardwood once or twice a year with suitable oil in order to maintain the warm tones of the wood.

Most people will have a garden patio furniture set of up-right chairs, loungers and a table or two or a nest of small tables. However, there are a few other pieces of furniture that will help you get more enjoyment from your garden. It is nice to be able to sit in the garden after it gets dark or when it is a bit nippy too. This can be achieved easily with a few accessories.

I suggest a patio heater, an electric mosquito killer and suitable lighting. Patio heaters are not expensive any longer and a single upright propane heater will keep up to eight people warm, depending on their seating arrangement. An electric mosquito killer will usually keep a whole garden clear. In fact, some will keep a quarter of an acre or more clear of flying insects. These two items may supply enough light for you, but is best to have a few spots to highlight a plant in bloom or to read by.

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