Using SEO and CPC Ads As Marketing Tools

Using SEO and CPC Ads As Marketing Tools

Using SEO and CPC Ads As Marketing Tools photo 0

Imagine that you want a muscle-building supplement. You go to a search engine to search the product and you type in the brand name and the company pops top search result in the website. Then you find the same link of the website in the right side in sponsored link, you see the same product,what you are searching.You find it more appealing to go with the offer and you ordered the product within minutes. Without even knowing the great implementation of SEO,with multiple impression.

Multiple impressions a well known technique in the online marketing world. A extensive research was conducted over years and it was found,fewer people buy products when they hear of it for first time,and it normally takes upto ten impressions or reminders for a customer to take the action and shell out his money for the product. Hence Major companies spend big amount in advertising a ad over TV for multiple number of times.It may be very much annoying for the person seeing the ad for over and over again,but it gets the result for the company.

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Any Person with a knowledge of Internet,knows the importance of a search engine optimization for a successful website,It allows the websites to be among the top pages in the search engines like Google,Bing,Yahoo,etc., Once the website is ready and created,there is one more tug,i.e., to pull the visitors to the website.I dont have the luxury of viewing the ad for multiple times as on TV. The very first thing a customers finds is for the offer we are providing to them and we can create multiple impressions through the offer.Hence a Media Campaign must be created with the combination of SEO with an Ad campaign like Adsense.

When you create a main website to sell a product,then create a couple more to refer to the same product.Many reputed Companies do the same thing,first they create a main website where they sell the product and then create multiple websites and refer to the same website where people click over to buy it,which gives the product the most promotion and becomes widely known.

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When we are creating a website/websites we must be carefull of the track words we use for the meta information. And when you go for a Ad campaign then be sure to use the target words created while making the website.This way the availability of the product become more successful and can be seen in many searches.

Facebook fan page and twitter feeds a best way to promote the product.Twitter is the most widely used website these days and it treats every tweet as separate page.It draws a lot of traffic to the website,pushes the ranking of the website up in the search engine.

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