Can You Use A Personal Loan?

Can You Use A Personal Loan?

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Personal loans are different than a loan for your house or your car. A personal loan means that you are borrowing cash for your private, personal use. Just about any lending institution will do a personal loan. A new development in recent years is the ability to apply for a personal loan over the internet, so you have many more choices than just local lenders.

It doesn’t matter what you want to use the funds for. Personal loans are used for all types of needs from repairing vehicles, to vacations, sudden medical expenses or emergency home repairs just to name a few. You could also use these loans for the consolidation of other debts, especially if the loan has a lower payment than the sum of the other debts.

The maximum loan amount for most people is usually around $15,000. How large this maximum is depends on the lender’s personal loan guidelines, what your monthly pay is, and your credit score. Don’t confuse personal loans with a line of credit. If you get a line of credit you are approved to withdraw funds up to the maximum approved amount, but you don’t have to start by withdrawing anything. With a personal loan, on the other hand, you are issued a check for the entire approved amount right away.

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All personal loans fall into two categories: secured or unsecured. A secured personal loan requires you to provide the lender with an item or items of collateral. Collateral could include automobiles, real estate, boats or any asset that has significant value. If you cannot make your payments, the lender then has the right to take your collateral and sell it to pay off the loan. However, the vast majority of personal loans are unsecured so the lender cannot take any of your assets if you default. As you may expect, since this means the lender has more risk of loss with these types of loans, the interest rates are higher.

The length, or term, of a personal loan usually varies from one to five years. Before you apply for a loan of this type, you need to realize that the longer the loan term is, the more you will end up paying overall, because of the larger amount of interest. You should not borrow any more than you absolutely need and then keep the term as short as you can. At the same time, make sure that you can afford the monthly payment.

A very common use of personal loans is to consolidate other debts. Replacing several debts with a single monthly payment can be a good move financially, especially if loan payment is smaller than the total of all the previous payments. An exception to this is for people who have figured out that just paying the monthly minimum due on credit card debt will never pay it off. In cases like these, even though the monthly payment on the loan is higher, the requirement of paying a specific monthly amount can provide the incentive to reduce the debt each month and eventually pay it off.

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Unfortunately, many people get into trouble here because they have not disciplined themselves to stop over spending. Once the personal loan reduces their credit card balance to zero, they go right back to their old habits and end up with more credit card debt. So remember that, while personal loans can be a help when you are trying to work your way out of credit card debt, they are not a cure for spending more than you make. Never apply for a personal loan to consolidate debts until you have developed the discipline to not spend above your income.

Applying for a personal loan could not be any easier. You just provide your employment, earnings, and home address information and authorize a credit check. Once the lender has checked your credit, you should quickly know if you are approved. Even if you have limited or bad credit history, do not be afraid to apply for a personal loan. You should still be able to qualify, but the term may be shorter and the interest rate a little higher. Once you have secured your personal loan, make a promise to yourself that you will always make the payments on time or even ahead of time. Paying off a loan like this will boost your credit score and provide you with a lender you can turn to if you need emergency cash in the future.

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