Are you at Risk of Bankruptcy?

Are you at Risk of Bankruptcy?

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by Joseph Then

By the time you finish reading this, you will be equipped with the knowledge to avoid bankruptcy and how to avoid it. It is true that people nowadays depend a lot on ‘plastics’ and most of the time; this is the reason that leads to bankruptcy.

If you think that this will not happen to you, think again. I bet you will feel helpless, especially if you lose all your personal belongings and assets. Trust me; the truth will be hard to swallow.

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If you have ever been in this state you know how it feels. However, if you have not, let me just tell you how it is. Imagine how you would feel to lose all you money, property and assets? I bet you’ll feel helpless.

I bet this scares you. Often a debtor may file for bankruptcy against himself. This is done when the debtor realizes his inability to pay his creditors. However, filing for bankruptcy is often a last resort situation. Usually, bankruptcy is a win- lose situation.

Sounds scary? I bet but this happens to people around the world. This happens when a creditor files a bankruptcy petition against a debtor. However, in majority of cases bankruptcy is often initiated by the debtor. This is done so because the debtor realizes that he would not be able to pay the heavy debts. In order to save himself, he files a bankruptcy petition for himself.

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The other thing that you should remember is that you need to pay your bills on time. By paying your bills on time, you can avoid having your debts accumulated. This is considered a good thing because if you have a lot of debts, you may not be able to keep track of the amount accumulated. Usually, people fall into bankruptcy when they have too much debt and they cannot afford to pay it in the end.

The next thing you should remember is that you should always remember to pay your bills on time. It does not matter if the amount of your bill is small. No matter how small it is you need to pay it, every month. Avoid delaying the payment of your monthly bills.

One more advice that you should heed: Avoid getting loans. Having a lot of money in hand may be a good thing but having to pay the high interest plus the amount you borrowed will not be a stroll in the park. Some companies charge ridiculously high interest and thus, you will end up having big financial issues if you take up the loan. And if you can’t afford to pay the monthly bill, they will file a bankruptcy petition against you.

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My advice to you is that you should follow the pointers above to avoid bankruptcy. There are countless negative effects of bankruptcy and it will be someone worst nightmare if one is caught in such a situation.

In conclusion, if you prioritize your cash flow properly, you would not have financial problems that would lead to bankruptcy. And, you should also avoid getting yourself into debts. With that, I hope you heed the advice and take the pointer seriously. Remember, bankruptcy has a lot of negative effects.

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