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by Paul J. Easton

Are you looking for a person to entrust your hard-earned money over the years? It seems that you just can’t find the right person to handle your retirement savings or your IRA. With the Guidant Financial Group, here is an offer you cannot resist.

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This is the Self-directed IRA which gives you the model to manage your very own IRA. This type of product gives you more adaptability and control over your investments.

Guidant Financial Group which provides services for small business financing solutions like self-directed IRA has seen an astonishing increase in sales. Even with the current economic meltdown, the number of clients who are seeking ways to invest their retirement funds into valuable assets and investments significantly started to drive the growth of Guidant Financial Group. Many retirees right now are diversifying their savings to investments. With the self-directed IRA offering, your account can be diversified in many investments like real estates and tax liens.

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The popularity of self-directed IRAs has paved the way to solid growth for Guidant Financial. Self-directed IRA is a special tool that gives the IRA owner total control because there is no involvement in the investments by the IRA custodian. This means that the custodians does not process paper works or even notarize the documents needed to complete the transactions. Because of the absence of the custodian’s administrative participation, the account holder eliminates the additional transactional or other fees.

This is indeed a clever investment choice for investors with more than $50,000 in their retirement account. The investor definitely saves a lot of money without the transactional, holding, and other administrative fees with the usual IRA custodian. As a caveat, this tool is not for everyone. This is only ideal for individuals looking for more secure investment options outside the stock market like real estate. One good consideration is that investors must have the necessary experience and the tested ability to diversify a portfolio. True control over the retirement fund is very necessary and this is only appropriate for those with education. This also gives so much opportunity for investors with exposure to time-sensitive investments such as foreclosures.

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With the Guidant Financial as the leader to this innovative and pioneer product, the general public has been given the access to another alternative during this financial crisis.

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