Importance Of A Great Trading System

Importance Of A Great Trading System

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The benefit of a great trading system can not be underestimated. A trading system will be your saving grace when it comes to capital protection. And capital protection is the key to a long trading career.

So what type of trading system do you need? Unfortunately this is where I say the old adage, “you have to find a system that suits you”. Annoying as it is it is true.

Personally, I could not trade a longer term system that requires holding positions for swings of a few days. This is because the ratio of holding time to points gained is not a direct correlation. Thus holding a position for several days does not mean you are going to get a lot more points than if you traded several times with in the swing.

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Day trading, however, isn’t for everyone and it does require some careful thought and planning. A good day trading system will be key though. You will need to know how many trades you will be taking, the potential loss of the system and have a systematic plan to entering and exiting a system.

There are plenty of traders who say they do not use a trading system. However, when you look at their trading style more closely you actually see they are trading in a systematic and ultimately mechanical way. They often have clear entry and exits and clear target and stops.

As of yet I have not found a excellent trader who has been around a while who does not use some form of trading system. Those that you see who don’t seem to use on are, as I mentioned before, using one but don’t realise it or they are actually not as successful as they make out on the internet and the various trading forums they visit,

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So when you are wondering why you are not doing as well in your trading as you would like it might be worth considering taking a more systematic approach and design your own trading system.

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